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Time to talk about a few of my current product obsessions and favorites. I’ve had quite a few rushed mornings in the past weeks. That’s when I tend to reach for my all time favorite multi-tasker Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done. This all-in-one sunscreen, primer and foundation saves me a few steps on those days when I’m pinched for time. I alternate between Light Medium and Medium depending on the season. Review HERE.

Rahua is one of my all time favorite hair care brands. It’s natural ingredients combined with the warm slightly nutty scent from the Rahua oil puts them at the top of my go to list. The new Enchanted Island Salt Spray has quickly become one of my favorite salt sprays. Lately I really like texture spray formulas that are salt free. However, this Rahua spray is a great salt spray. More to come on this one.

I grabbed this Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter on a whim and didn’t expect to love it. It moisturizes my lips with a light yet hydrating butter texture. My tube is almost gone and I’m actually kind of sad. I have a few more lip balms to go through but I will be repurchasing this one some day soon. African Botanics Pure Marula Cleansing Oil has also quickly become a favorite as well as a hero product. This luxurious oil has fruit acids to help exfoliate in addition to softening while it removes all of your makeup. Review HERE.

I’ve been quite smitten with the January Labs Advanced Eye Technology. This lightweight, never greasy or heavy, eye cream is perfect for day. It smells so light and fresh. More to come. Colleen Rothschild is a new brand for me. I recently grabbed a few things to play with. I have been obsessed with this Sheer Renewal Cream. It has a lightweight texture yet is also hydrating. This has a silky satin texture and semi-matte finish without being too drying. More to come.

Giorgio Armani just released a new Ecstasy Shine Lipstick. A pigmented creamy color that’s lightweight in texture, hydrates like a balm with a semi glossy finish. I grabbed shades 100 Smile and 101 Nuda. I most in love with Nuda a perfect pink nude. More to come.

SUQQU is my favorite Japanese makeup brand. The Pure Colour Blush is one of the stars of the line in general. Shade 103 Amacha is a new limited edition shade for the Fall 2017 Collection. Amacha is a trio blush that gives a shimmering (but not too shimmery) light nude pink flush to the cheeks. I’ve been reaching for it a ton so much that I even bought a back up. Review and swatches HERE. I’ve recently rediscovered my love of the Koyudo BP017 Blush Brush. This is made of Canadian squirrel and picks up product quite well. It’s tough enough to stand up to some buffing, yet soft enough to not irritate my face. Review HERE.

Top to Bottom–SUQQU Amacha (mixed), Armani 100, 101, Urban Decay One& Done Medium:

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