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It really warmed up this last week here. I’ve been testing out the Make P:rem UV defense me. Blue sun ray gel. I used the clear version last summer and loved it so much I had to try the other version. Somehow this sunscreen is supposed to reduce the heat you feel from IR (infrared radiation). It actually works. I feel less hot wearing this when I’m outside. The texture of this one is more of a creamy gel versus clear gel serum like the other one. This one is a touch more hydrating too. I applies clear on the skin and is never greasy. I see it being a staple as long as I can continue to find it.

I’ve been reaching for my Odacite Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist all week. I love the slim black glass bottle. It contains aloe, rose flower water, immortelle flower oil, chamomile, oat kernel and rice extract to name a few. It’s hydrating and calming. Immortelle is supposed to help with discoloration of the skin, increasing firmness and it’s moisturizing. It’s a little pricey for a small mist, it has no strong scent either. It’s pleasant to use and hydrating. I don;t think I would repurchase just as I’m not into mists like I used to be and I’m trying to use them up and get rid of some.

I’ve been loving the new style cushion foundations the last year. I started with Chanel and now have moved onto the My Armani To Go Cushion Foundation. I love the weightless satin finish. It is perfect for summer with no added weight or heavy feel. Review HERE. I felt like I was in a hurry all week so I reached for easy makeup items like the foundation and creamy highlighters. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is such an easy, weightless shimmering champagne gel highlighter. Review HERE. The new Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick is such a wonderful formula. It’s easy and lasts all day for me. I’ve been using Pink Flash a ton. Review HERE.

I’ve had a good cold the last week so I’ve really been not using acid serums or toners as much. I did reach for the Votary Toning Serum a lot this week. It’s gentle and hydrating as well. It contains neroli flower water, lemon fruit water, glycerin, sucrose, vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate and glycolic acid. This only has a 1% glycolic acid content so it’s going to be more gentle than even an acid toner. It’s got multiple hydrators and the low concentration of glycolic acid makes this the gentlest acid serum I own. It’s got no irritation whatsoever (as expected) and is very light in texture. The vitamin C will help brighten and even the skin tone. I adore the smell, it’s so good. More to come.

During a sick week I notice my skin is always more sensitive and prone to redness or irritation. For the last month I’ve been using Clarity RX Take It Easy for helping with redness in general. This is more of a preventative serum than a rescue serum. Two weeks using this daily and I had almost no redness whatsoever. I went down to every other day and it’s still working. This also has hyaluronic acid so it works as a hydrating serum as well. Osmosis Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum is a rescue serum. You have redness or inflammation pop up, this takes care of it in a flash. It has a light serum texture and stinks like bleach. But it works well. More to come on both.

The Sisley Phyto 4 Ombres quad in Dream is one of my all time favorites. The pink and brown quad has this lightweight amazing texture with a mother of pearl almost luminescent look. It’s very pricey but it’s spectacular if you love shimmering nudes. Review HERE. OKOKO is a new brand discovery for me. I’ve grabbed a few items to play with. The new Secret du Dragon Gel-to-milk cleanser & mask has a melty gel balm style texture. It was more oil based than I expected but it works great as a first cleanse. I would use a second cleanse to remove the oil and this most definitely requires a warm cloth for removal even though it’s a gel to milk style balm. I don’t mind some oils being left behind as it’s soothing and hydrating. I love these melty gel balm style cleansers. More to come.


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