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Summer feels like it’s in full swing this week. I’ve been trying to get away with some spring level items through this week but I think it’s time to switch fully to summer light products. So next week expect full summer items. I have been already using my summer scents as that’s my favorite type of fragrance genre. Heeley Coccobello is the perfect green coconut. Light, natural and never too sweet or artificial. Top notes of palm leaves and gardenia, heart notes of fresh coconut, sea salt, and bourbon vanilla, and base notes of Virginian cedarwood, benzoin, and sandalwood. See some of my other summer favorite scents HERE and HERE.

Naturallogic is a new brand for me. I grabbed a few things to play with and so far I’ve loved them all. The Flourishing Cleanser touts having the benefits of a double cleanse all in one. This cream to oil removes makeup and rinses clean with water. All while leaving my skin soft and hydrated. This uses clay and willow bark to detox and clean pores, and has enzymatic action with pineapple and apple juice to help gently exfoliate as well. The sunflower and cucumber oils clean and remove makeup and SPF. It’s really good. I only got a mini but I should have grabbed a big one.

I grabbed a few Lixir Skin items recently and have been testing out the Universal Emulsion this week. This is a heavier lotion or light cream textured product. It’s probably better for spring or fall days for me, not summer. It was just a tad too heavy for this last week with the mid-nineties and 150% humidity. It might work for summer nights but it feels a touch too light for that. I’ll have to try it. This is designed to be a multi-tasking product for use on eyes, lips, neck, face and hands or arms. I may really like this as a hand cream. I’ll test it out in those other areas before I review it fully so more to come.

Zelens Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturizer is a long time favorite of mine. I love this super lightweight cream. It’s really a lotion not a cream. I love this on summer or warm days. It’s super hydrating while remaining light and never greasy. I love how it replenishes needed moisture with it’s lipid complex to the skin without feeling heavy. Review HERE. This is my second tube as I adore it so much. It has a permanent spot in my skincare stash.

I’ve also been playing with a few item from new to me brand Lovinah. I grabbed their new Dragon’s Blood Probiotic Exfoliating Mask. This has the deepest berry kind of color and it has an almost chunky blackberry mash kind of texture. This mask has active ingredients like Dragon’s Blood, encapsulated vitamins A & E, fermented rooibos tea and bifida ferment lysate. This also contains enzymes, lactic acid & willow bark extract to exfoliate gently. I love how it increases the circulation in the skin. It really gives you a good flush. This is an antioxidant, detox and gentle exfoliator mask all in one. More to come.

I’m still super obsessed with the Decorte Cream Blush Moisturizing Cheek Glow in Be350. This pinky nude blush has the most delightful bouncy whipped cream to powder texture. I like cream to powder and drier cream formulations that don’t stay moist or too creamy all day. That makes them last longer and this one fulfills all I want well. The color is the perfect pinky nude for me. I love cream blushes in the summer plus they’re so easy when you’re in a hurry. They’re harder to mess up in when you’re working fast. More to come soon.

I’ve been playing with the CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream in Medium this week. This is designed to be a face cream, foundation, primer and sunscreen all in one. It’s that type of product that has micro encapsulated pigments so it looks white when dispensed. When you rub it into the skin it turns into it’s final shade. Medium is almost a touch too light for me and a bit too pink. I really want to try Medium Deep and see what it looks like. I also found that right now in the summer weather it’s too hydrating as a day cream for me. I love the ease of it. I’ll try it out again in the fall when I get paler and it’s cooler out and I can use a heavier cream in the day.

I’ve only played with a thing or two from Grown Alchemist. It’s a brand I would like to explore more some day. Their Age-Repair Lip Treatment is new. It’s a little pricey for a lip balm but it’s quite good. I love the chiseled shape of the bullet. It contains tri-peptides to stimulate collagen production and synthesis. This is hydrating and doesn’t dry out my lips. It lasts for about two hours which is pretty good for a lip balm. There are quite a few I have to reapply every 30-60 minutes. This is very comfortable on the lips, I’m obsessed and I’ll be grabbing the pink tinted version.

Tata Harper just released a serum version of her cult favorite Resurfacing Mask. The Resurfacing Serum is my favorite serum she’s created to date. I’ve tried them all and I just in love this one. It smells amazing, low on the essential oils. Like the mask so some degree. It uses 7 natural AHA and BHAs to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin. It’s hydrating and creamy textured without being too heavy. This is not a lotion texture. It exfoliates gently, hydrates, has antioxidants including tomato fruit which is rich in lycopene. More to come.


Top to Bottom-CLE Unmixed than Mixed, Decorte, Lixir, Zelens, Naturallogic, Tata Harper:

Lovinah Dragon’s Blood Mask:

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