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I can’t believe it’s not officially summer yet. It’s been so insanely humid here this last week. I very much use a lot of light cream makeup in the summer as it feels fresh and light. I have professed my love for the last year for the Chanel Ombre Premiere in Silver Pink. This taupe cream shadow lasts all day long without creasing at all. Even in the Texas summer heat & humidity. It’s well worth looking into if you like taupe and always wanted that cream shadow that lasts without creasing. I just opened my second jar. They do tend to dry out a little after a year. The most impressive part is that I used this so often (multiple times a week at times) and I still couldn’t use one jar in a year.

I like to apply the Chanel with either my finger or the Sonia G Builder Two brush. This brush is amazing for cream shadows. More to come on this brush gem. I’ve been playing with new SUQQU Summer 2018 collection Nude Illuminating Highlight Stick. This cream highlighter imparts a subtle champagne glow to the skin that’s very natural. I love the summery bronze packaging. More to come.

I rarely highlight my shower and hair products so here’s one I’ve been playing with for the last few months. Christophe Robin is a brand I want to love, so far most of the line I have tried has been too fragranced for me. I have a hard time with those very French perfume scents in any products. The Color Fixator Wheat Germ Shampoo is an extremely gentle shampoo. This has a very thin fluid texture (it will run right off your hand if you tilt it in the shower). It has a very minimal scent which I enjoy. I love this the most as a second cleanse in the shower. This won’t lather that much so don’t expect a big clean. It’s very gentle and light. I do tend to use a more powerful shampoo first to remove all the buildup and gunk from my wave sprays, then I use this or another gentle shampoo just to finish cleaning my hair. I only wash every other day so this method works for me. I also like this for after coloring my hair due to the gentle nature and it won’t mess with my hair too much after cleansing. I suspect a lot of people won’t like how light this is, but it has it’s purpose. I do wish that the brand would make this in a squeeze bottle or change the top to a flip cap. It’s very hard to keep this from running out of the palm of your hands while trying to screw the separate cap back on. A screw top would be so much easier.

i Profumi di Firenze is a random brand I came across on Barney’s. The scent Brezza di Mare is inspired by an ocean breeze. With notes of Fleru de Sel (Sea Salt), Bergamot from Calabria, Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Lime, Citron, Watermelon, and White Musk. This smells like a light watermelon ocean breeze. Love it. I discussed it HERE and HERE.

For the last week I’ve only been using the new Allies of Skin Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream during the day. I am so in love with the ‘not a gel cream but kind of like a gel cream’ light texture. It’s much lighter than a regular cream and has a lotion level of moisture. It has a more gel cream texture though. It’s a bit creamier than a typical gel cream. Packed with 8 hydrators, 12 antioxidants and a 12.5% nutrient complex I can see this becoming a staple real quick. More to come.

Tata Harper just released a new serum version of her Resurfacing Mask. The Resurfacing Serum has a light creamy texture and to be honest when I took this photo I forgot I had just talked about it last week. Sorry you get to see it again. I do quite like it though. But you might as well just read what I wrote last week HERE.

I quit using my Drunk Elephant C-Tango eye cream for 3-4 weeks to see what would happen when I stopped and restarted. I like to stop and restart using a product just to make sure it’s really doing what I think it’s doing. I find after two weeks off of a skincare product is when I really can see the effects from not using it. That’s what does it for me when testing a product. This does what I thought it was doing-beyond just hydrating this eye cream does firm the eye area quite well. It also helps with fine lines and plumps. It helped a little with my dark circles. This is a touch area for me as most creams don’t help me. I have hereditary and lifestyle (lack of sleep from baby) dark circles that a cream can’t fix. More to come in a in-depth post.

I pictured the Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream sample because it’s a product worthy of featuring outside of the samples & empties posts. I was pleasantly surprised by this cream. It’s light in texture so it works well for summer nights. I could probably use this on winter days. This cream uses vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid & omega-3 fatty acids to really plump the skin. My skin feels so incredibly soft, hydrated and just baby butt smooth after using this. t helps plump my fine lines while I sleep. I am almost out of my sample and this will be my next cream purchase because it’s really quite good.


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