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Last week I started playing with lots of new things. I grabbed some new cream eyeshadows by Decorte. I loved the blushes so much I decided to try the Eye Glow Gem. I grabbed two neutral brown shades (imagine that) BE385 & BE388. These have the same bouncy texture as the blushes but are a tad less whipped or light. They feel ever so slightly harder. The texture is what makes these eyeshadow very fun. The shades are pretty shimmery and even have some micro glitter which I was afraid of. I’m not a micro glitter fan anymore. It’s not terrible and at least it doesn’t fall out. I kind of figured these would crease some as most cream shadows do, and I was right. They crease after six hours or so. With an eyeshadow base (I use UD right now) they do last for the most part of the day, they just crease. More to come.

Tokyo Milk makes really nice affordable scents. Marine Sel is a light sea scent with notes of mineral salt, fresh water, turned earth & white woods. It’s light, sea oriented and has an earthy aspect that grounds it. I quite like it. Apparently it looks discontinued? I don’t see it on any local sites anymore. I love that MAC revamped their Strobe Cream with new shades. Redlite is my favorite because it gives an overall soft glow without looking too shimmery. It also adds a hint of extra moisture and makes a great light hydrating primer. Review HERE.

In the summer I use my lightweight primers. I had a few minis left of La Mer The Perfecting Treatment. This light gel cream hosts a whole bunch of skincare benefits while providing a nice base for makeup with some hints of silicone for a smooth satin effect. It blurs and softens pores, adds a hint of moisture & gives a satin finish. This is one of those dimethicone/silicone primers you love. It’s not heavy or occlusive feeling at all. It also plays well with makeup and never pills. Skin Owl Neck+ is a lovely hydrator designed to smooth and contour the neck. It starts out as a gel and melts into the skin as a liquid. Much like a thicker essence which is how I use this. It contains a host of good things like aloe, MSM, witch hazel, sea water extract, red algae, turmeric, spirulina and jojoba oil. I use this as an all over essence versus a neck only treatment. There’s no reason you can’t use this one on your face. I love the large glass bottle with pump, it seriously lasts forever. Review HERE.

Beauty Pie is a new to me UK subscription service. It’s a little different than a traditional subscription box. You get so many points or dollars you can spend every month on whatever product you want. You can only get so much as there’s a monthly limit, then you have to wait until the next months points to get more stuff. I grabbed two things with my newfound subscription and the first I’m testing is the Superactive Capsules. These capsules contain biopeptides and hyaluronic acid microspheres for hydration & anti-aging. They do contain dimethicone and are a bit thick, I find them best mixed into a serum or other product then apply to the face. They’re super fun to play with. More to come on the whole Beauty Pie thing.

Herbivore Botanicals just launched a new Pink Cloud Body Cream. Sadly it’s limited edition. I loved the regular Pink Cloud face cream so I knew this one would be good as well. It’s only on the Herbivore Botanicals website that I know of for now. It smells just like the face cream (light roses and coconut) but is a bit lighter in texture. I love how it gives me that more intense body cream hydration without the heavy texture or greasy feel (which is why I like lotion versus body creams in general). If you’re a Pink Cloud fan you might grab it. I bought the DCL Ultralight Hydrator on a whim thinking it would be an SPF lotion for summer or just a nice light SPF for winter. I anticipated it to be a light lotion but it’s actually heavy on the moisturizing capabilities. It’s a light texture but it’s way too heavy in hydration wise for me to use as a day product during the summer. This would have to be a winter day product for me. So I ended up not using it during the day this last week as planned. It does leave a bit of a white cast as well, nothing too bad, more than I expected. I actually have decided to make this a day hand cream for me. It’s fluid enough to spread easily on my hands and gives me some SPF day protection as well.

The Ordinary just launched a new facial oil called “B” Oil. I’ve never been into Deciem’s previous launches of facial oils as I prefer complex blends to just a single oil. “B” Oil is their first blended oil. “B” Oil solubilizes a purified form of micro-algae in a blend of squalane and oils of marula, argan, baobab, pataua, brazil nut, inca inchi, rosehip and borage to support healthy skin defense, to enhance radiance, to quench free radicals and to help balance pro-irritant mediators. Sounds pretty good right? It is. Quite honestly it’s the best cheap facial oil I’ve ever used. For $9.20 I figured I couldn’t go wrong testing it out. It’s a medium textured oil. Enough to hydrate at night in the summer, I should be able to use this in the daytime during winter. It has a lovely green hue, great texture and no artificial scent, just the earthy scent of the oils. It was totally worth it for the price and I would recommend it. More to come.


Top to Bottom-Decorte BE388, BE385, MAC Redlite, La Mer, DCL, Skin Owl:

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