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I have quite a few new things I’m playing with right now, but I also go back to those few old favorites. The new Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask by Belif is getting quite a bit of attention lately on Instagram. I decided to grab it and see what the fuss was all about. I like some sleeping masks but I find a lot are either too heavy or too light (such as the Laneige one). This sleeping mask by Belif has the coolest thick gel pudding like texture. Once you scoop out a bit it actually melts back into it’s pristine flat surface again. Like you never touched it. It’s a very fun texture. This hydrates very well and it will plump up your skin overnight. It does the job well. Maybe too well, it could be a bit too much during the summer or for oilier skin types. My main issue with this product is that on Instagram it’s being sent to everyone with a rubber spatula (by the brand) for easy dispensing. Yet when you buy this as I did it doesn’t come with that same spatula, and it’s not even an item you can buy separately on Sephora. So Belif is saying it goes best with a spatula but don’t offer one. That’s my only rant about it. Otherwise it’s great.

I’m trying to gather my thoughts about the new Allies of Skin Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream so I can post the review. I’ve had this for about two months now. This has a light lotion like texture and it hydrates like a lotion or light cream. It’s almost got a gel cream but not quite texture. Like a hybrid lotion meets gel cream kind of texture. It’s packed with 8 hydrators, 12 antioxidants and a 12.5% nutrient complex and it’s very nourishing without being heavy. A must of you live in areas hot & humid as I do. This makes my skin so hydrated and leaves a silky finish. It’s really quite good.

I just started using my Maya Chia The Eye Achiever from my January Beauty Heroes box. This roll on eye oil serum is very soothing at night. I like it as a final layer before bed over my eye cream. I love the roller ball as it’s cooling and soothing plus great for depuffing the eye area. It’s got quite a list of superstar ingredients-Algae, Astaxanthin, Black Cumin, Chia, Cranberry, Eyebright, Fennel, Red Raspberry, Rooibos, Pomegranate, Sea Fennel, Sea Lavender, Sweet Lupine & Wakame.

I’m testing natural deodorant for the first time in a decade. It’s been forever since I’ve tried one. The ones I remember existing 20 years ago were terrible, they never worked for me. Zion Health sent me a few of their Clay Dry Bold deodorants and they’ve been changing my mind about the ability of natural deodorants to work as well as my former Secret 24 Hour. The texture takes some getting used to when you’re used to gel. This has a hard paste like texture. If you apply too rough you get some little bits that come off then you have to rub them in using your hand. That’s different for me too. I found lighter pressure and slower multiple passes on the underarm while applying lessened this effect. This deodorant uses calcium montmorillonite clay, witch hazel, vitamin E, rosemary and green tea. So far I’m pleasantly surprised. It works better than expected.

REN Evercalm Comforting Rescue Mask is new to me. Kindly gifted by the brand I’ve been playing with this creamy soothing mask this week. This creamy mask uses white mushroom, arnica & beta-glucan to soothe, calm and reduce redness. The shea butter & jojoba oil moisturize the skin. Ten minutes later your skin will thank you. What I love about this mask is the light whipped texture. That makes it less heavy than a traditional cream mask yet just as comforting. Where has it been my whole life? I finally caved and bought the de Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm. This has the most divine texture for a cleansing balm. It’s solid oils but it has such a smooth and creamy texture. It’s quite phenomenal & does the job perfectly. As a bonus it smells like heaven due to the essential oils. More to come.

During the summer I pull out Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400 to fight pigmentation in addition to it’s phenomenal exfoliating properties. It is the king of all acid toners. I’ve talked about the regular P50 which I use in the non-summer months. I need to do a comparison of the two. This one is more gentle than the regular P50 plus it has brightening ingredients. I’ve really been crushing on Byredo fragrances the last two years. Rodeo is my newest addition to the family. It has this amazing light leather scent combined with the violet which keeps this light and makes it easier than normal leathers for women to wear (It’s not the heavy smoky kind). Notes:┬áleather; violet, suede; black amber and vetiver. It’s quite an intoxicating scent. Sadly it’s sold out. One thing I have learned when there’s a limited edition Byredo scent-It sells out fast. Don’t hesitate to grab it if you really want it.

JULLAI is a new to Glow Recipe brand that intrigued me so I grabbed three items from the line. The Super 12 Bounce Essence Oil Toner is amazing. Its supposed to combine a serum and essence in one. It has a hydrating slippery essence style base with these fun blue beads that burst when you rub them into your skin. The blue oil capsules are filled with sea buckthorn & jojoba oils plus aloe. The Super 12 Complex is an antioxidant rich blend of 12 ingredients-Tomato Extract, Cauliflower Extract, Sweet Almond Extract, Blackberry Extract, Magnolia Berry Extract, Bayberry Fruit Extract, Spirulina Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Wintergreen Leaf Extract, Chia Seed Extract, and Balloon Flower Extract. I find it not only fun but very hydrating as well. It’s like a cold drink of water for the skin. More to come on this line.

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