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This weekend was completely gloomy and rainy here. I almost skipped doing this post because of the dim lighting. I thought my red 40th birthday roses were too pretty to at least not capture once. I’ve been really playing with quite a bit of cleansers the last few weeks. As you all know by now I’m obsessed with gel balm cleansers. I’ve always been curious about the Mecca Cosmetica line. I was lucky enough to be given the Transforming Facial Cleanser by a friend and I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised. This has a thick gel balm texture that turns into a milk with water. It has kakadu plum extract and this cleanser is designed to brighten, soothe & retexturize. This is an oil gel balm that emulsifies to rinse clean. It can remove all your makeup and my preferred way is to apply on dry skin. I quite like it. I have no idea if this brand sells outside of Australia.

The other new gel balm cleanser I’ve been playing with is the Instytututm Melting Cleanser. This has a thick gel balm texture that also can remove all your makeup with ease plus it emulsifies and rinses clean. I prefer to use this on dry skin as well. It smells like watermelon I love it. I’m going to talk more about it soon. I’ve talked about KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate many times and I still love it. This creamy cleanser never disappoints. It’s got a few oils and it’s not a typical milky lotion cleanser. It’s hydrating and can remove light makeup. Review HERE.

Innisfree just launched a new essence. The Firming Energy Essence is made with fermented Jeju soybean extract & oil. I just finished a fermented essence so I’ve been using this one instead. It’s got a slippery hydrating texture. I loved fermented products because it breaks down the ingredients making them easier for the skin to absorb. The fermentation process also releases lactic acid, nutrients & probiotics. All have a positive effect on the skin. I find the fermented essences are the ones that create a glow.

I pulled my NIOD CAIS 2 out again. I haven’t written my full review about CAIS yet but the product manages to keep my skin completely clear. There’s something about those copper tri-peptides that is magical. They also speed up wound healing. More to come. I’ve really been into using my Julisis Sun Emulsion the last few weeks. This is easily the best physical sunscreen I’ve ever tried. It feels like a light lotion and leaves no white cast. I don’t know how it manages to do so but I don’t care because it’s amazing. I talked about it more HERE.

I took the Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation to New York with me this week. It’s the one foundation that I could count on as it’s portable and provides a satin skin like medium coverage that’s buildable. It lasts a long time and doesn’t break down. After trying multiple shades #6 is my best match. I wish this came in a pump minus the brush so I’m hoping for one day. Review HERE.


Top to Bottom-Mecca Cosmetica, Instytutum, KYPRIS, Julisis, Surratt:

*The KYPRIS, Innisfree & Instytutum were all gifted by the brand but all thoughts are my own

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