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A different approach to the favorites post this week mostly because I had no time to shoot as I was working all weekend. This post is devoted to Fresh Beauty & Becca Cosmetics newness. Fresh is a long time favorite brand of mine. I’ve been obsessed with their Sugar Lip Treatment for years. They just launched a new shade Spice described as a spiced rose nude tint. That’s fairly accurate. This is a more pigmented one of the lip tints. Some are sheer, some are more pigmented. This one has no shimmer. It’s got a warm spicy nude feel.

Becca Cosmetics launched a new Skin Love line. I grabbed a few things to play with. The Skin Love Glow Elixir is a fluid primer serum that’s supposed to help hydrate, soothe & brighten the skin. It’s got this amazing aqua tint with copper shimmer. Very fun. The shimmer is very fine and adds a very low luminescent glow. This is not really a shimmery priming fluid or primer, it’s more like a hydrating serum with low shimmer.

I like the stout glass bottle a lot, it’s a bit chubby and fun. It looks good on a shelf. Details per Sephora:

Like a fountain of glow in a bottle, this super-potent, radiance-boosting formula is enriched with brightening molasses; a soothing blend of honey, algae, and peony extract; and moisture magnets like sodium hyaluronate and licorice. An antioxidant smoothie of blueberry extract, cranberry extract, resveratrol, and vitamin E shield delicate skin from the glow-dulling effects of free radicals. Skin drinks up this water-based serum, leaving no greasy residue—only a healthy glow—making it the perfect priming serum for quick, flawless, and lasting makeup application.

This really feels more like a basic hydrating serum than anything else. It’s got honey, algae & sodium hyaluronate. There’s some fruit extracts, caffeine, rice bran (soothing), licorice (brightening) & vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside a derivative). It didn’t end up doing that much for me beyond the hydration and low shimmer. Most of the vitamin C derivatives don’t work on me for brightening (they do help with collagen production though and antioxidants). It’s more fragranced as well. I tried this as a first step serum, middle step and even right before and after sunscreen to see how the priming effects were. It only adds what a basic hydrating serum does as far as a primer goes. The hydrating allows for a smoother application but it’s nothing different than a basic hydrating serum. It depends what you’re looking for if you will end up liking this or not. It ended up being a pass for me.

Fresh also launched a new Sugar Wonder Drops Lip Primer. I’ve already talked about it but it deserves a review post. This is a leave-on liquid exfoliant for the lips. It’s got a nice little dropper style bottle and you need less than one drop to successfully do both lips. The liquid texture absorbs quickly allowing you to swipe on a lip balm a few minutes later. This liquid contains a sugar a fruit extract blend that helps hydrate and soften the texture of the lips, hibiscus extract has natural AHA for light exfoliation & hyaluronic acid for hydration. It helps soften the edges of my lips where it gets rough and manages to keep my lips smooth and supple. It gets rid of all dry spots on your lips without manual exfoliation. It has a sweet citrus taste and it’s very effective.

The Becca Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick is a highlighting balm with Becca’s Glow Nectar Brightening Complex. This is designed to be a post facial glow in one swipe. It’s a low shimmer dewy glossy style highlighting stick. If you like a more glossy, doesn’t dry down, sheen kind of highlighter than this is for you. I like color more than sheen so it didn’t work the best for me. It’s enriched with vitamin C, ginger, cold-pressed avocado and melon blend, murumuru butter, and sodium hyaluronate. The color is a sheer shimmering champagne. The shimmer is low, it’s more sheen and gloss than shimmer or color. Whether or not you like this will depend on your preference for a highlighting stick.

Top to Bottom-Becca Glow Glaze Stick, Fresh Spice, Becca Glow Elixir Light than Heavy:

Top to Bottom-Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Spice, Bloom, Petal, Nude:

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