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This week I thought I would highlight a few things from one of my favorite routines. De Mamiel is a luxury experience. I’ve never come across a bad item from de Mamiel. I finally cracked open the Dewy Facial Mist which is such an amazing mist. If you like luxury green beauty combined with aromatherapy and a sensorial experience then this line is for you. This has a blend of herbal extracts like comfrey, yarrow, Siberian ginseng & horsetail, lupine peptides, superoxide dismutase, prebiotics & hyaluronic acid. It’s easily the Queen of luxury facial mists. It’s jam packed with amazing ingredients (this mist has a very long inci list) and has the best packaging. The black glass bottle has a very fine mister. One of the finest sprays there is which is my preference. I would easily repurchase.

The OUMERE Serum Bioluminelle is easily one of the most luxe yet amazing facial oil/serums I’ve tried to date. It’s a small line that’s natural yet very scientifically based. They have such unique packaging I mean look at the beaker shaped bottle. This is a serum meets facial oil so it works like a light facial oil. It gives my skin an amazing silky feel. It’s packed with a ton of amazing nutrients like carrot, prickly pear, green coffee, avocado, grape, guava, watermelon, black seed and black currant oils, ursolic acid, beta glucan, sea kelp, shitake & reishi mushroom extracts, elastin, turmeric, broccoli extract, ginseng, cilantro, horse chestnut, wasabi & aloe. It literally has almost all of my favorite ingredients in one product. It’s hard for me to say this but if I had to live with one oil forever this would probably be it. It’s that good. It’s pricey I know but it’s amazing. I’ll be reviewing it soon.

African Botanics is one of my all time favorite brands. Their Cloudburst Micro-Emulsion has a light serum texture yet it’s hydrating enough to pack a punch. This uses a water in oil technology to hydrate, plump & calm the skin. It uses marine glycobiology, algae, oligosacharides, copper, magnesium & zinc plus my favorites African immortelle, resurrection plant, green rooibos tea, rosa centifolia, yarrow and cape chamomile. It works well paired with a lotion as it’s not enough on its own for me as a moisturizer.

SkinBetter makes some amazing medical grade skincare products. I just adore their InterFuse Face treatment. It’s light like a lotion/light cream and it leaves my skin soft, silky and not to mention it helps reduce wrinkles with neuropeptides. It’s got a really lovely texture and when combined with the African Botanics and OUMERE it’s the routine from heaven. My skin feels perfectly hydrated, plump and so silky smooth. I just want to touch my face all day after this combo it’s so soft.

This week I’ve been laid out with a pretty bad cold. My skin always suffers any week I’m sick. I find it gets more sensitive which makes me stop acids and then my skin gets rough and dull after a week of no acid use, all due to the cold. So recently I started using these reparative treatments during any week I have a cold or just during any time my skin is stressed. It seems to keep my skin in shape and I’m able to still continue my routine without any issues. The most recent one I’m testing out is Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar which is designed to support the skin post cosmetic procedure. It’s got a bunch of more technical ingredients I need to read more on, but the main point is that this serum works in helping to aide the skin during troubled times. It reduces inflammation and helps stimulate collagen and elastin production.

I’ve really been loving the Sisley Double Tenseur as a summer primer. It’s got such a smooth texture that hydrates and just adds this thin film that allows makeup to go over easily and evenly. It does seem to help keep lines and wrinkles at bay to some degree as well. It’s extremely expensive I won’t lie, I get mine off Selfridges as it take a bit off the price.

When I went to New York two weeks ago I only grabbed two color items. I saw the Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint in Sunny at Credo and grabbed it. It’s a creamy warm pink nude with an intense amount of pigment. I love the drier creamy texture as it sets down and doesn’t budge. I’m not a fan of the creamy blushes that never set and migrate around my face all day. This one lasts, it’s all natural and it’s pigmented. It’s a win win all around.

When I visited the amazing new Detox Market I finally grabbed the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation. I have been wondering what my perfect match would be for months and it was nice to play in person. I teetered between two shades but ended up with Illusion. Subtlety could have worked but Illusion looked more natural. Illusion is a good match for the NC 25-30 person. I love the light creamy texture yet its not heavy or oily. As always the packaging is so luxe. More to come.


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