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This week was all about new makeup and bedtime rituals. When I went to New York I grabbed a Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Matte in Sylvie. Sylvie is a medium warmer shimmering brown. It has a matte yet shimmery finish which I like. The texture of this is amazing. It’s a thin cream that pretty much feels like a powder going on. It feels dry when you swatch it. I had really high hopes for it as it seemed so amazing. Alas it creases halfway through the day and it didn’t last a full work day for me. Shame as there were other shades I was thinking of buying.

Charlotte Tilbury launched some new limited edition glossy lipsticks called Superstar Lips. I grabbed Pillow Talk (which is sold out on the Charlotte Tilbury website as I expected). I love the slim rose gold case and this is a pretty typical sheer, yet still pigmented, glossy lipstick. The original Pillow Talk was a bit dark for me so I like having the sheer glossy version. Pat McGrath also released tinted versions of the Lip Fetish Balm. I grabbed Blow Up which is a peachy nude. It looks pink nude in the tube but it’s more of a sheer peach nude on the lips. I love the hydrating texture and I adore her lip style cases. I wish there was a bit darker of a pink nude as this one is a touch lighter than my preference. I need to check out the other ones in person but I have a feeling Love Supreme is too cool and Flesh 3 will be too dark.


Top to Bottom-Chantecaille, Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath:

I’ve been trying to remember to use my SKYSOR Jade Roller with my facial oils at night. I love the cooling effect and it does seem to help oils absorb faster. I just have a hard time remembering to do it every night. I really like it under my eyes to depuff. You can keep a jade roller in the fridge for a bigger cooling effect. Green Coffee Oil has become a new favorite ingredient of mine. It’s high in fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols making an antioxidant. Some studies have shown that coffee essential oil helps with elastin and collagen production, it’s anti-inflammatory & helps with all the basic of anti-aging like firmness, texture and wrinkles. KIN SKIN is an Australian brand that does green coffee oil products. I’m so obsessed with this 100% green coffee facial oil. It’s affordable and you can add a little of it to other oils or creams if you just want the green coffee benefits. More to come on KIN SKIN.

I love a nice soothing aromatherapy night mist. I spray a little on right before bed and the scents help wind me down. My two favorites right now are AMLY Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist combines neroli flower water, aloe, green tea, Roman chamomile and lactobacillus ferment. Snow algae is interesting. It increases cellular longevity by increasing cellular repair. The scent is a richer green deep floral. You can definitely smell the clary sage which I love. This has a few essential oils in this mist but it’s not too powerful. I didn’t find it overpowering by any means. The OSKIA Citylife Facial Mist is housed in a stunning emerald green bottle. It’s an antioxidant & anti-pollution mist with micro-encapsulated blends of astaxanthin, malachite, EUK 134, CoQ10, vitamins C & B3, O3 yeast lysate, green tea, low molecular hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, neroli & basil essential oils. The neroli and basil give this the most delicious green scent. One spray and I start to feel relaxed.

African Botanics just released what may be may favorite product ever by the brand. Infusion is an essence meets serum. It has a water like slippery texture that absorbs quickly. It feels like an essence but has nutrients of a serum. Infusion combines African adaptogenic plants with marine biochemistry to help improve hydration, it’s anti-pollution, soothing, brightening and regenerative. Infusion has Immortelle oligosaccharides, micro-algae, seaweed, anti-pollution Oceanic cell shields, plant peptide complex, marine glucans, Kalahari Desert salt, hand harvested African desert and bush plants, vitamin C ester, CoQ10, willow bark and lactic acid. It’s like a dream essence that manages to do what it says, with an impressive inci list. My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using it. It really is quite good. Plus I love the luxe black glass splash style bottle. More to come, but yes I think it’s my favorite African Botanics product to date.


*African Botanics and KIN SKIN were gifted, all thoughts my own

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