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I don’t know why I haven’t been reaching for the KIN SKIN Coffee + Yarrow Serum Cleanser a ton. I pulled it out the other day and forgot how amazing it is. This is a gel-oil balm (my favorite) that combines green coffee seed, rice bran, sweet almond, avocado and black sesame oils with honey, orange fruit water and yarrow oil. It will remove all your makeup, emulsify and rinse clean. I’ve been obsessed with coffee oil and this is a stellar gel-oil balm. More to come soon.

I love Fresh Sugar lip balms and they just came out with the Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment in Zodiac signs. I grabbed the Libra one as I had to. They are limited edition. It’s a great lip balm, hydrating with a good balance of oils. I had so many people tell me to grab the de Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm and it took me a while but I’m so glad I did. This has the most divine texture for a cleansing balm. It’s such a smooth yet not heavy oil texture. It’s like the silk version of a cleansing balm. I love that the scent isn’t overpowering either. Some cleansing balms can have too many essential oils, this one does not.

I finally pulled out my Dr Roebuck’s Down Under eye treatment. This has a luscious thicker hydrating texture. It’s not too heavy or oily, just nourishing. It will be the perfect savior to my dry eyes this winter. More to come. Zym Skin NOURISH is an amazing vitamin C serum I discovered through Palm. I haven’t been this excited about a vitamin C serum since Drunk Elephant C-Firma four years ago. It’s a stunning combination of ascorbic acid 20% (gold standard), fermented black tea (kombucha), aloe, purple sweet potato, watermelon, honeydew, jojoba, flax & chia seed extracts. It’s not harsh, this form of vitamin C works well, this serum really brightens the skin & within two weeks I saw results. Over time the vitamin C will help stimulate collagen growth as well. Seriously love this vitamin C serum and I’ll be sad when it’s gone.

I’ve been using the Eufloria Botanicals Wild Chaga Revival Mist for a while. I’ve already reviewed it HERE. I just love it’s finer mist and this combo of chaga mushroom, roobois tea, orange blossom & lemon verbana. Flowerspice is a new brand to me. I was pleasantly surprised by their Midnight Beauty Serum oil. This oil has such a light yet silky texture. It smells nutty but it’s actually the coriander oil. This has ten oils-prickly pear, plum seed, jojoba, macadamia, evening primrose, apricot, argan, sacha inchi, coriander and rose absolute. It leaves my skin so soft. I’m going to run out of this mini quick. I need a big one.

I’ve been playing with the Petite Histoire natural perfume line for a while. I love how portable these little rollerballs are. The best part is that the scents are all quite unique and well done. I love niche perfumery for that reason. They really kill it over standard commercial scents. This brand uses all natural perfume oils. Oils are always more concentrated and last well. I haven’t decided which is my favorite of these three. I will go over all four soon.


Top to Bottom-KIN SKIN, de Mamiel, Dr Roebuck’s, Zym Skin:

*Some items are gifted, all thoughts are my own

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