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This week was all about hydration for me. I only grabbed a few new things and really toned it down from the Black Friday hauls. I pulled out some old favorites and moved onto second bottles of a few things. I sometimes forget how much I love something until I don’t use it for a while. I pulled out my Paula’s Choice RESIST 2% BHA Body Treatment and started applying to to my upper arms at night for some ‘chicken bumps’. I used to get these all the time when I lived in Montana, but now only in the winter since I moved to Texas. My skin is less dry here so I think skin cells don’t build up and cause problems like it used to in that cold dry air. This is affordable, it’s a large tube and the product works like a charm. My arms have been so smooth and no bumps. Easy solution. I talked about it some HERE.

I also pulled out a second bottle of the Erborian Yuza Double Lotion. I had a bottle sitting in my closet waiting for winter then I almost forgot to pull it out. This bi-phase toner has a clear toner and milky oil hydrating top. Shake it for a slightly citrus scented hydrating milky toner. It leaves behind this milky film that’s really good. Yuza is an antioxidant and this is perfect for winter, dry skin or anyone who likes a slight oil boost. I reviewed it HERE.

Now that it’s colder I find myself reaching for my innisfree perfect UV protection essence water base. This light lotion style sunscreen has an essence meets lotion texture. It’s hydrating and good for winter but not creamy and too much extra to add on top of my creams. This is clear, a chemical block meaning non titanium dioxide and zinc. I reviewed it HERE. I grabbed mine before innisfree went global and now that they have a US shop I can’t even get routed to the right spot for this one anymore. Such a bummer when that happens. It’s a really great sunscreen if it was SPF 30 instead of 50 I would buy it again.

I have been playing with a sample of KYPRIS Pot of Shade: Heliotropic as well this winter. This is a creamy style natural sunscreen uses 20% zinc but manages to be clear. It’s got a hydrating base that’s perfect for winter. This would be too heavy for me in the summer here in Texas, but if I still lived in Montana I could use this year round. If you want hydrating, clear and natural this is a great one to check out.

I love aromatherapy before bed. I have been playing with the de Mamiel Sleep Series for the last few weeks. Before de Mamiel I went through an entire bottle of Tata Harper Bedtime Treatment. I loved it so much I just grabbed my second. The sage oil is strong. The roll on is nice and it’s packaged in a green glass bottle. The Tata Harper is more potent than the de Mamiel. Just roll on, breathe deep and peacefully go to sleep.

May Lindstrom is like magic. Everything she makes is just perfection. I had a bottle of The Youth Dew sitting in my closet for a while. I stopped using facial oils for a while. I’m so glad I pulled this out as it’s quite lovely. This has some heavier oils in it so it’s great for dry skin or winter. It has some really great antioxidant oils like tamanu but the plum kernel, avocado and olive oil will be too much for some oilier skin types. More to come soon.

I love Tom Ford lipsticks. It’s just the epitome of luxury. I don’t know why I didn’t grab the Ultra-Rich Lip Color in Revolve Around Me when it launched. I thought it was too light at the time based on online swatches. I checked it out in the store a few months ago and it’s actually the perfect light pink nude. Not pale or concealer like it’s just a natural nude. I love that it’s not as drying as the regular formulas either. More to come.

I love Giorgio Armani. He makes well done cosmetics which isn’t always true of designers who venture into the makeup world. The new My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion is quite nice and I’m so happy it was done well. I usually hate cushion foundations because they have no coverage and are oily feeling in texture. Chanel changed my mind and this one by Armani is just as good. Preliminary thoughts only but it’s very similar to Chanel. I love that this one is refillable and has the option to buy extra pads. Bad news that it’s only in Asia, Australia and the UK at this time. Its supposed to be in the US in March or so. I grabbed shade 4.5 and more to come.

I have been reading Sonia’s blog Sweet Makeup Temptations for years. It’s my place to go learn about makeup brushes, Japanese in particular. She just launched a makeup brush line Sonia G. with Beautylish and I grabbed The Fundamental Set which is amazing. My favorites out of the set so far is the Worker One & Sculpt Three. Worker One is a large paddle shaped brush great for basic lay down of color as well as blending. It manages to not give fall out and apply enough pigment without overdoing it. Large paddle brushes are my addiction in brushes. I never used fan brushes, not for my face anyway. I use a fan brush to remove clumps from my mascara. I would have never bought Sculpt Three if it wasn’t in the set. I was only using the Wayne Goss Air Brush for highlighters because it gives such a light but layerable application. This Sculpt Three manages to do the same thing. It’s very precise and light, I love it. These two have been my most used of the set. More to come soon.


Top to Bottom–Paula’s Choice, KYPRIS, innisfree, Armani 4.5, Tom Ford:

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