Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher Swatches

I saw these Daniel Sandler blushes on Cultbeauty and decided to check them out on his website. This is another UK makeup artist who has a retail line. The Watercolour blushes are a thin liquid and almost have a slight oil like texture/feel but dry down to a powder like finish. You must shake them up before application as they separate. They have free shipping to the U.S. with a minimum amount. It came registered mail by USPS and took a little over a week. It’s snowing here today so the light is not great just as an FYI. I also can’t believe it’s snowing!

L to R: Passion, Gentle, Glamour, Chelsea, Joy, Spicey

Luckily they have small testers of some shades you can buy, but not all shades. Some shades are matte, some have slight shimmer, and some are very shimmery. I tried to pick my usual warm/neutral less shimmery shades. Gentle is like a warm nude peach with slight shimmer. Chelsea is a non shimmery lighter peach. Passion is a super shimmery peach(which is going straight into my swap list). Glamour is probably my favorite it’s a nude/pink neutral shade that’s not shimmery. Joy was a bad pick on my part. I think their website said neutral pink but this looks like a cooler style pink to me. It’s got slight shimmer and is too Barbie for me. This one goes straight to the swap list as well. Spicey is a shimmery deeper terracotta color. My sample came dried out there was oil on the outside of the container so it was harder to work with. I can still test the color but I have crushed the bottle(as you can see) trying to get anything out of it. I would get another sample but it looks too shimmery for my tastes anyway, but the color I like. Once dry these do move around if you touch the color and push it around so it’s not smudge proof. However, it does last well so far and those are the only initial thoughts I have so far. They are also fairly pigmented, so people who love pigmented blushes will love them. They can also be sheered out, or built up.
L to R: Gentle, Chelsea, Passion, Glamour, Joy, Spicey.

Here’s a comparison with Addiction Cheek Polish, Armani Maestro blush to show how pigmented the Daniel Sandler is. L to R is Armani 500, Addiction Rose Bar, Daniel Sandler Glamour:

Edit to add on 10/23: I have recently gotten Flush as a sample, so here is that one to add. It’s a cool Barbie pink, I could see how it’s a flush color I guess, but it’s way too cool for me to pull off. This is cooler than Joy but darker. It’s pigmented.

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