Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow: Swatches & Review

I had just started reading about Edward Bess cosmetics when Sephora happened to be discontinuing them, and I ended up getting most of these for sale. Edward Bess did not discontinue the line in general, it just got discontinued on Sephora. These single shadows have however been discontinued, but the quads are still available. I don’t know if they plan on releasing the singles in a different manner one day. I have three shades: Intimate, Dusk & Mystery which are in the same order below left to right.

These eyeshadows are silky, buttery soft, pigmented and easy to blend. They really are a great formula. They had a limited color range to begin with so it was hard to find a ton of shades I liked. I mean to get a quad or two one day. Intimate is a shimmery grey deep beige. Dusk is a shimmery warm medium grey. Mystery is a shimmery medium chocolate brown. The shimmer in Dusk and Mystery is less pronounced on the lid or when swatched than Intimate.

Top to bottom Mystery, Dusk, Intimate:

These are a great set of neutrals and I would recommend them to anyone. I hope to see Edward Bess put out more shades in the future. I will add that the swatches make the colors look darker in the photos, yet they are lighter in person. I tried multiple photos but they all have that darkness.

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