Giorgio Armani Holiday 2016 Ecstasy Lacquer 202, 507 & FW Runway 2016 Eye Tint: Review & Swatches

Armani is one of those brands that is refined, elegant and always high quality. I look forward to see if they have limited edition colors. The Fall/Winter Runway Collection had an Eye Tint I was interested in. Then the Holiday Ecstasy Lacquers popped up in lighter colors. I talked about them before and wished they had made lighter more nude colors so I thought 202 and 507 seemed good for me to try. See full review on the formula here.

#202 Nude Night looks like a light creamy shimmery champagne gold shade in the tube, but once dry and set it’s a darker shimmery coppery gold nude. Very warm, medium golden nude and very shimmery. These always dry darker than in the tube. It’s not beige, it’s more of a medium golden nude.

#507 Night Light was the one I was going to skip originally. Sounded too cool toned for me. I’m glad I grabbed it. It’s a shimmery medium neutral pink. It looks cool, light and creamy when first applied, but dries and sets to a nice medium neutral pink. It is my favorite of the three items I purchased and my pick of the collections.

Per Armani: ECSTASY LACQUER has it all: the shine of a lacquer, the moisture of a balm, the hold of ink and the intensity of colours.A real innovation to enhance the lips all day or all night long. A perfect balance between comfort, hold, colour and shine.

The ECSTASY LACQUER line is enriched with six sensual shades to celebrate the holiday season. A subtle range of nudes, warm pinks, reds, and browns. Six new emotions that enhance the lips and flatter all skin tones.

Two nude shades for a natural and sophisticated result:
– N°507, a powdery pink, star shade of the collection
– N°202, an iridescent beige
Two bold shades for sublime lips:
– N°203, an iridescent brown
– N°204, a lacquered ebony brown
Two sensual shades to enhance the lips:
– N° 508, a warm pink
– N° 509, a pink tinged with red

I like the Eye Tints, I just have yet to get that perfect shade for me. The FW 2016 Runway Shade sounded great. Like a medium shimmery nude. I reviewed the Eye Tint formula here. The FW Runway 2016 shade is a very shimmery cool platinum shade with silver and gold glitter. Sigh. It was great except for the glitter. I hate glitter. The glitter is very prominent once it dries and sets. It has lots of fall out, which is why I hate glitter. It would be great without the glitter. Normally I don’t worry about glitter in Armani. They’re usually more natural shimmer and not flashy. This is the most glittery Armani item I’ve tried to date. It was a fail for me.

Per Armani: Layered with the eyeshadows from the Runway Palette, Eye Tint leaves an illuminating veil of iridescent champagne on the eyes. It can also be applied beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye for a heightened effect. Inspired by Maestro Fusion Makeup, Eye Tint blends on skin smoothly for a “no make-up” feel. Its pure, intense and indefinable colour guarantees long wear (16 hours), while retaining a light, fresh “bare lid” effect. Its extra-thin “”Smart Eye Colour Film”” ensures flawless adherence to the eyelid. Its highly workable texture is easy to blend before drying and provides a cream-like sensation of comfort. The Armani Runway products, limited edition, slip into a precious and elegant pouch made with the fabric of the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Top to Bottom: FW Runway 16 Eye Tint, Ecstasy Lacquer 202, 507, YSL Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes 106, 101:

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