Glossybox Cosmoprof Box Review

Glossybox is a new subscription box to me. I just started it in August and this limited edition box came up and actually I got this before my August box(which is a story for the August box review next post). It was $40.

Inside is was Mastey Color Protecting Leave in in Spray for hair. It was full sized and smells nice and is moisturixing enough but not too much to weigh my fine hair down.

Kocostar Hair Therapy one use packet. I used this first day, it was ok. It was not totally user friendly in the shower I had to fuss a lot to get it on right and it didn’t make my hair miraculous so for $7 a pop I would not rebuy.

Dr Lili Fan Probiotic Eye Serum. When I originally looked this box up I bought it mainly for this and the Cell CPR serum. However, I did not not do such a good job researching. This eye serum would be perfect but it has Menthyl Lactate as the 3rd ingredient which is a cooling ingredient. Less than Menthol but it almost felt too much burning last night for me. So too bad should have looked that up better. The rest of the ingredients are great too bad they put that in it. Retail is $65 so for the $40 you already paid for the serum in essence.

OPI Pink it Through nail polish came in it but I never use those pale ballerina pinks.

Be a Bombshell The One Stick in a Bronze Color. This was full size. I read too many bad things about this company to even want to try it quality wise. So I knew to begin with it would be a no go.

Skin Nutrition Cell-CPR in a 10mL sample which is actually worth $50 believe it or not. This was the second reason I bought the box. I have not tested it yet, it will get thrown in the rotation soon.

Royal Apothic Cream in a sample tube for hands/body. I used it on my body first, then used the rest on my hands later. It was a normal emollient cream. It wasn’t a blow me away cream but it was a nice cream. It was very moisturizing.

Would I rebuy again, no. As the eye serum was the big player for me. If that was without a Menthyl ingredient yes I would buy it again.

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