Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Duo: #03 Naturel-Brunettes: Review & Swatches

Guerlain just put out a new summer healthy glow duo powder called Terracotta Joli Teint. The idea behind this compact is similar to Chanel’s Les Beiges. To give a healthy glow but not be a full on bronzer. I personally haven’t tried Les Beiges yet, it’s been on my list, so I can’t compare shade wise. It comes in 4 shades, two blondes and two brunettes. I bought the darkest shade, #03 Naturel-Brunettes. I swatched them all in the store last month, and from what I remember the two blonde shades had a pink accent and were cooler and more pink in general, the two brunette shades have a peach accent and are warmer in general. 

This has 10g of product which is the same product weight as the 4 Seasons Bronzer. The compact is plastic, much lighter, slimmer and smaller in comparison, it’s also cheaper retailing for $53 versus the 4 Seasons price of $76. I’ll take the $23 discount for a plastic compact versus the metal so that’s a plus. The plastic case is a pearly peachy champagne color. This has a heavier and more powdery perfume scent than the 4 Seasons Bronzer as well. I can smell it from just opening the compact on the table. This may be an issue for some, I usually hate very powdery scented products but on my face it seems to go away quick enough to not bother me. 

The powder is finely milled, it’s less pigmented, drier and thinner feeling than the 4 Seasons. It’s not chalky or really powdery. It definitely doesn’t feel as smooth or silky as the 4 Seasons. This looks a bit powdery or uneven when swatched, but it applies evenly with a brush, and even being less pigmented it works for this product to just add that hint of a glow. I use Tom Ford’s Bronzer Brush to apply it. I would recommend using a stiffer brush for a heavier and even application, a squirrel brush might not pick up enough powder and you’ll have to layer it more. It doesn’t darken my face too much like a bronzer, it just adds a hint of warmth and glow like I had been outside for a weekend but not on a island vacation for a week. It’s subtle and serves its purpose. This is definitely not a bronzer in the traditional sense. 

This shade #03 has a tan powder, it’s not overtly orange, it actually has yellow tones in some light, but it does have orange too. It lacks that deep orange brown you usually find in bronzers like the 4 Seasons. When you add the peach shade in the mix it does turn the powder overall more peachy toned? It feels peachy tan, not orange fake bronzer when applied, so try it on your face versus just swatching. This is more subtle peach and less deep orange than 4 Seasons or MAC’s Delphic bronzers which both go borderline too orange for me. For me Guerlain’s bronzers in general can get too orange. If you have a cooler complexion this warm peachy tan might not be for you. I would go with a blonde shade. For reference I wear a MAC NC25-27, so I’m warmer more yellow toned and borderline light to medium complexion. Darker skinned gals probably won’t find use for this as it might not show up. 

Top to Bottom: Bronzer Alone, Peach Alone, Mixed:

Compared with Tom Ford Terra, MAC’s Extra Dimension Bronzer in Delphic and Aphrodite’s Shell, and Guerlain 4 Seasons #02 Naturel-Blondes. MAC Delphic and the Guerlain 4 Seasons are both darker, warmer, more brown and orange. Tom Ford Terra and MAC Aphrodite’s Shell are cooler, more brown and pinker. 

L to R: Tom Ford Terra, MAC Aphrodite’s Shell, Guerlain Joli Teint Mixed, Guerlain 4 Seasons Mixed, MAC Delphic:

The box came with this sample of foundation in it, not sure if the Neiman’s SA, I bought it from a store, put it in there or if Guerlain put it in all of these. I tried it today, and will talk about it more in an upcoming empty sample post.


  1. would you recommend the tomford terra or the guerlain 4season mixed for Asian fair skin? I'm also planning to get the Charlotte Tilburry but I don't know if it's darker on my NC15-20 skin tone

  2. Hi, I think that depends what you want out of a bronzer. I'm normally a NC 25-30 so the ones I use might be too dark for you. Tom Ford Terra would not be too dark, it's neutral with no real yellow or orange more brown, so if that's what you're looking for. I know a lot of people like Gold Dust better with the more yellow color to it. Terra can be a bit pink, it just seems to work for me as I like a lighter bronzer not a full on bronzer. The 4 seasons was almost too orange and dark for me, but if I knew the lighter shades I might be able to say better. I think that one is more full on bronzer for color. The Charlotte Tilbury seemed nice, like a lighter bronze more similar to the Tom Ford shades, Guerlain was dark. So I guess that wasn't much help unless you can tell me more what you're looking for or like or don't like in a bronzer. Tom Ford Terra is my top choice for me and what I'm looking for-lighter, less orange.

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