Hair Texturizers & Salt Sprays

I LOVE salt and hair texturizing sprays. I tend to air dry my hair and love the beachy undone look. I have tried many sprays, these few are my favorites currently. All of these I spray on wet hair, I have not tried them on dry hair as wet works for me.

I started with Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. It adds texture and waves, but is really drying. It has magnesium sulfate as the salt. I found it hard to overdo it, meaning it never felt dirty or greasy if I applied too much. It’s too drying overall for me. I color my hair, so it’s dry anyway. I don’t need extra in that department.

Next I tried Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray. This has some oil in it, so it’s not as drying. I do hate aerosol style sprays, but for Oribe I make an exception. Aerosols tend to go all over and I have to hold my breath while I spray or I get a nasty taste in my mouth. Apres Beach works well, I love the look. Make sure you hold it out the full 6-8 inches away while you spray, you can overdo it and your hair will get greasy. I once accidentally hit the button an inch from my hair in the front and it was a grease bomb. I had to leave for work I was late, and had to wash it out with soap in the bathroom it was that greasy from spraying too close. This has SD alcohol 40 which is dehydrating, but the oils make up for it. This is a salt free spray texturizing spray.

John Masters Organics Sea Mist has sea salt and lavender oil. It’s not as dry as the Bumble and Bumble, and not as hydrating as the Oribe. It works well and is fairly cheap. No complaints. Short ingredient list is a plus. I found it hard to overdo this one as well, my hair never felt dirty or greasy. This is a plastic 9 oz bottle.

I saw Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist on Nordstroms while browsing new beauty products. It had two scents and I grabbed Vanille de Tahiti. It has a short ingredient list with water, aloe, dead sea salt and essential oil blend. It’s not drying and my hair doesn’t feel sticky, dirty, stiff or dry after using. I found it hard to overdo it. I’ve been reaching for this one a lot since I got it. This comes in a glass bottle and is 8 oz.

Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Amongst the Waves is a beach hair and body mist. This is an 8 oz glass spray. The ingredients are water, French sea salt, epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil and fragrance. You must shake this up well, it has pink salt sediment that sinks to the bottom. This spray is not drying, but I did overdo it. It made my hair feel dirty but not greasy or stiff. I need to try next time with less. It must have more oil in it than I realized. Oddly, the next morning the dirty feeling was gone some as if the oil soaked in some overnight.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist is a newer product. You can use it on dry or wet hair. I’ve tried it on wet hair only. The texture is a thicker liquid, I feel like one day it won’t come out of the spray nozzle anymore, but seems to be OK so far. It’s got the standard Living Proof scent. It gives a nice texture effect that’s not drying. It gives a more piecey look. You can overdo it and make your hair sticky and stringy. It never feels hard though. It’s kind of like a spray wax or pomade.

Last up is the Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse I got in a Sample Society subscription box recently. This is a mousse you can use on wet or dry hair. I’ve tried wet so far, the booklet from Allure said they preferred it on dry hair. It’s a mousse texture. This you can overdo as well to make your hair dirty, almost greasy and borderline crunchy. If you use just a bit, on wet hair it did give me some good volume and a tousled texture. I noticed it took until my hair was dry though to see how it really looked, I thought I overdid it wet, but once dry it was better.

I love trying the texture sprays and next on the wishlist is R + Co Rockaway Salt Spray.


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