Hair Thinning Treatments Comparison & Review

I got the Restorsea Revitalizing Scalp Treatment in my last Bergdorf Goodman beauty gift bag. I almost got rid of it as I don’t have thinning hair, but then I figured I would try it around my hairline on my forehead where I’m probably now missing a few hairs.

If you go to Restoresea’s website they state it can be used for non thinning hair to promote hair health in general, less shedding and allow your hair to complete a full growth cycle. The idea is that the enzymes open and clear the dead skin from the follicles making it grow better. You’re supposed to use it five days a week, part your hair, spray it along the scalp, then massage it in. It seems you can apply on wet or dry hair, I’ve done both. I tend to use it on dry hair at night now as I use the pictured Leonor Greyl wet after a shower. 

The main ingredients in the Restoresea are water, ginseng root extract, hydrolyzed roe, coconut triglyceride and algae extract. The main idea is that the salmon roe is a natural enzyme released by the salmon at birth and it gently exfoliates only the dead skin cells not living ones. This is the key ingredient in the new Perricone blue plasma items as well. This tiny 1.7 fl oz bottle retails for $37.50, and a full size 6.7 fl oz bottle is $150.

The price is very high. The small bottle lasted me a while, I’m now on my second as I had two, but I am only using 1-2 sprays versus doing my whole scalp. I used this religiously for about a month when I started to notice baby hairs growing around my forehead hairline again. A few bigger hairs I hadn’t seen for a while returned in full with continued use. Then, as soon as I became lazy and stopped using it the hairs gradually went away. I didn’t loose any that I wasn’t supposed to, just the ones that had come back. I feel pretty convinced that the stuff works. If I had overall thinning hair I would be tempted to continue to buy it. For the price and that one little hairline, not so much.

I liked having those hairs back so I thought I would try Leonor Greyl Tonique Vivifant, as I was on a big Leonor Greyl kick a few months ago. It was also cheaper so I figured I would try it. I use this every time I take a shower on wet hair just around the same hairline. I had already started using this in conjunction with the Restorsea and continued to use this one when I slacked on the Restorsea and the hairs still went away. So, I am not convinced this one works. I know a lot of these treatments take months or even a year to get results so I will finish the bottle and we’ll see, but the results were not like the Restorsea which was fairly quick and visible. The retail is $51 for a 5.2 fl oz bottle. 

The main ingredients are water, agave extract, glycosamynoglycans, proline, riboflavin, yeast extract, a cell growth promoter, green algae extract, urea, beech bud extract, mimosa tenuiflora bark extract and lactic acid. 

The salmon roe Restoresea seemed the best of the two. It had visible results after about a month. The price is what stops me from buying it. So, I actually just ended up just buying that Perricone Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment, as it has salmon roe and is cheaper compared to the Blue Plasma Serum. I plan on using this with a cotton square on my hairline nightly instead of the Restoresea spray. We’ll see if this works or not, it has the same main ingredient, and when I review the Perricone I’ll post if it worked for my hairline as well. This was all I could think of as no other hair loss treatment, that I’m aware of, uses salmon roe at this time.

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