Hakuhodo J4006, B005, B007 Makeup Brushes Review

I have many brushes to review. So I started with the odd but small three I use everyday. Hakuhodo is a Japanese manufacturer that makes excellent yet fairly affordable brushes. They use great quality hairs and create a good product. Plus as a Japanese manufacturer they have a US office and ship quickly. J4006 is a small fan brush and is synthetic and retails for $20. I tried several spoolie brushes to remove the clumps from my mascara first which none were satisfying in the results. I decided to try this one. It’s fabulous. It removes the clumps well as long as you do it in between passes or mascara coats. It needs to be wiped off after using and you get maybe two days without washing it, then it needs it or it no longer works well.

Next are my two concealer brushes. B007 is a skinny eyeliner brush technically and the pointy shape is great for precision concealing. I just tried looking up on the Hakuhodo website but it seems this number is no longer there. They seemed to have renumbered brushes. I believe this one was weasel hair. It’s my favorite concealer brush for blemishes. It fits every nook. The last concealer brush I use is the B005. This is a wider flatter brush and does larger areas well such as my healing red spots after the blemish is gone. The B005 is weasel hair as well and technically an eyeliner brush I believe. You can draw lines with it with gel liners etc. This one is not on the website anymore either as this number. I want to say they repriced in August so maybe they renumbered as well. Weasel is sturdy and less flexible than goat, squirrel or horse. This makes it great for creams and liquids. ┬áIt’s also not as soft, but it’s not hard and uncomfortable either. Even Hakuhodo’s tougher hairs like weasel still manage to be softer than cheaper other brushes that use a lower quality weasel.
Check Hakuhodo out they make great brushes. I will add more reviews coming up.

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