Hakuhodo Small Eyeshadow Brushes Review: G5510, J005, J522 D2, G5515

These are some of the smaller Eyeshadow brushes I use. These all happens to be from Hakuhodo which is a Japanese brand. They make excellent cheap better quality brushes for a comparable price to MAC.

The largest flat paddle is the G5510BkSL, I use it for smudging my eye liner. It’s $20 and made of horse hair. Next is the small flat paddle shaped J005, I use this for putting eye shadow under my lashes, it can be used as an eye liner/gel liner brush. This is the same shape as the K005 weasel I reviewed previously but is horse hair and is softer. It’s $17. The eye liner J522 D2 brush is a flat square shaped brush. It’s for gel liner/eye liner and is $14 and made of horse hair. I use it also for powder in a more precise line than the J005. Last is the small white goat hair G5515BkSL round tapered pointed brush. This is $15 and I use this either for the inner corner to highlight, or under the lashes. White goat and horse hair can be used for cream or liquid products in addition to powder.

L to R: G5510, J005, J522 D2, G5515

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