Hero Products

Products Worthy of the Title-Hero Product
Top link goes to product, bottom to review (if one is done). This will be a running list & will get updated when I find new things. 
I tried to keep it really short and simple so you can just click on the review links for more details.

Tata Harper Skincare Natural Lip Treatment
Hydrating nourishing oil balm.
*I think Be Fierce just got discontinued & replaced by Be True 

Waves. Texture. Lasts All Day. Shine.
Waves. Texture. Lasts All Day. No Salt.

Sephora Hair Elastics
A staple for me for ten years or more. Wide, hold my hair easy with no slipping.

Chanel Rouge Coco Plumetis
Words cannot describe how sad I am this was discontinued. The best hydrating pink nude ever.

Tom Ford Lip Sheer Pink Dune
The best sheer shimmery light seashell nude pink. Sadly limited edition.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara Classic
Loved this for more than ten years. Easy volume, no spidery effect.

Love this brush. The small size is large enough. It’s gentle yet effective.