So this is something I have wanted to do for a while to share all the things I have learned about beauty, give news if I have any, and post reviews and pics.

Most of you know me as girlzippy on various online media. That name is a long story involving my pet lizard Zippy when the internet first came out, I’ve never changed it because it’s everywhere, maybe now I can get away from it….

This will obviously be a new thing for me and will probably have issues until I get used to this format. But it will be fun and a place where I can keep all my beauty stuff together and we’ll see where we go. I must also add, I currently rent a 1890 house which has terrible light, I get a brief window to photograph stuff. Once we move in the next few months I’ll be able to do better pics and maybe some FOTD.

About me, I started my love of beauty when I started getting magazines and imitating the hair, nail and makeup I saw in them. I loved to cut out the pictures and figure out how they got that hairstyle or makeup look. I did a lot of experimentation and learned a lot through mistakes. I grew up in Denver which at the time was pretty small. I went to Art School for Illustration and doing female portraits was always my fav. I loved to have friends over, do their makeup and shoot the photos then draw them. At the time I worked at KMart in the Cosmetics Dept then moved onto food service. With the internet as a new thing I discovered Makeupalley which fueled my beauty obesession, then followed by eBay. Then came a MAC store in the Cherry Creek Mall and Sephora started online. Denver exploded with Nordstroms, Sephora stores, Ultas and as always Neiman Marcus. You could pretty much test anything you wanted except niche items.

I usually became the beauty guru at everyplace I worked for coworkers. Then I went to Nursing School. Now I live in Montana and once again have no major beauty retailers near me so I went back to blogs and websites to get reviews which made me think about starting this because I think about all the blogs that helped me when I couldn’t test it in person.

My tastes have def changed over the years, at 35 and a more restricted work environment so I tend to be more natural now. So you’ll see a lot of that style. I love niche brands, pretty much anything from the UK I’m obsessed with and a lot of Japanese stuff.

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