How I Keep My Face Creams Organized

I have limited space in my cabinet right now and find it hard to fit all my face cream pots in their full size form. Add onto that the fact that opening a jar of face cream everyday to air helps degrade the ingredients faster and this is why I came up with this system.

I use 5mL plastic sample jars to keep small amounts of the face creams in. I use a clean spatula to depot small amounts of the face cream into these small sample jars.

Daily, I only open and use the small jars exposing them to air everyday, the large jars I only open once a month or less making them less exposed to air and less likely to degrade the ingredients as fast. So it works out two ways, increased storage room and it’s better for integrity of the creams. By using a clean spatula I am also not putting my fingers in the large pots as well which keeps bacteria from being introduced by my fingers into the large pots which can also degrade the active ingredients.

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