Julie Hewett Lipstick: Nude Noir & Ronnie Bijou Swatches & Review

Julie Hewett is an obscure niche brand I came across one day and decided to try a few lipsticks.

Nude Noir is part of the Noir Lipstick Collection. From reviews I see many order this shade feeling it will be a nude shade, but it’s really a darker pink/red/nude. It’s in the darker range of your lip but better. It’s got a silver micro shimmer which reminds me of the shimmer in Dianne Brill’s lip stuff. I loved Dianne Brill’s lip products they were great, too bad they seem to no longer make them. The silver micro glitter is more metallic/metal looking than some silver sparkles that look more plastic/kids glitter style. It’s fine and non gritty on my lips. The base has a shimmer as well in it. I believe the concept for Nude Noir was to be a nude red from the 60s era of non reds. I read that when I was researching to buy, but now can’t find it. It’s got an almost metallic look to it, it’s moisturizing enough, lasts a long time, doesn’t dry or make my lips flake. Overall it’s not a bad deeper nude/pink/red color.

I also got her Bijou Lipstick in Ronnie which is a sheer more moisturizing coral pink with gold shimmer. The shimmer is not gritty on my lips and the coral pink base is not shimmery. It’s sheer, lasts less time than Nude Noir, is more moisturizing and $2 cheaper. The color wasn’t for me, but I would be open to trying others in this range in the future.

L to R Nude Noir, Ronnie:

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