Lazy or Busy Mom Essentials

As a first time mom of a six month old I give total appreciation to anyone who can keep up with all the housework, baby and do a part or full time job. It’s a lot. For the first three months I had many days where I went to run an errand and I just went out with no makeup, possibly even no shower or face washed, because I just didn’t care I was so tired. Now, I like to at least look like I’m not dead in public. By dead I mean dark circles and just that overall tired no makeup look. There a few quick things you can do to achieve this. It takes me 2-3 minutes which is feasible even with a fussy baby.

So I call them my lazy or busy mom essentials. Quick skincare essentials could be a different post. After cleansing and moisturizing I love Omorovicza’s Complexion Enhancer. It’s SPF and color in one, no primer needed and it can function as a light moisturizer lotion as well. I really have been reaching for this the most out of my foundations. I talked about it here.

Use Cle de Peau’s concealer for the no sleep dark circles and it can also function as an eye primer on the lid. It’s dry enough to not give you a greasy eye lid yet covers and evens out your eye lid tone easily and quickly. This has been my favorite concealer for years. Check it out here.

Doing your brows really opens your eyes, it’s one of my essentials. A quick fill in with a brow pencil and combing with a spoolie brush. I’ve been testing Touch in Sol Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil in Taupe for Two. It’s a great warm blonde color, I love the shade and it’s so long lasting. I hate that it doesn’t sharpen so it gets blunt and would be better as an oval aka Tom Ford style shape, or as a skinny round shape. You can check it out here.

Same as brows a quick swipe of mascara can really open your eyes. I love Armani’s Eyes to Kill Classic Mascara in Black. I love a voluminous formula with definition. No spiky lashes. I always come back to this mascara time and time again. You can see it here.

A double duty product like Tata Harper’s Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Nice gives you a quick nude pink cheek flush and lip tint. It no fuss and you can’t mess it up by doing it quickly because the color is light and natural. You can check it out here.

Last a quick powder on the cheeks, eye lids, nose and forehead is essential in Texas. I love Surratt’s Diaphane Loose Powder in Matte. You can check it out here. Overall, this takes me 2-3 minutes, very fast and doable. You can add on stages depending how much time you have, like a cream highlighting stick, cream eyeshadow or a luminous base like Armani’s Fluid Sheers to wake your skin up etc. Add or remove steps based on how much time you have.

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