Le Metier de Beaute True Colour Eyeshadow Milan & Mulberry: Review & Swatches

Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadows are silky. They had a wide variety of nudes. I have Milan which is a satin warm medium golden brown. It reminds me of MAC Soba except it’s a touch less warm than Soba. It applies well. I also have Mulberry which I could not find online anywhere and finally while visiting Dallas last month found it at a counter there. It’s a shimmery cooler light brown. I find that the more shimmery the shade I have to apply a bit more pressure to get it to apply the same as the satins. It feels a touch harder. I used to have Jojo and it was the same way. They’re all silky don’t get me wrong it just required more pressure and layers to get the color on.

On the L is Milan, R Mulberry:

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