Let Me Introduce You to Philip Kingsley

I first ran across Philip Kingsley when I was looking at Instagram and Pixiwoos. Sam had her hair looking gorgeous as always and credited Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I had to immediately try it. Selfridges had it. Though it just recently became available on Cult Beauty this week. I grabbed a Body & Volume Jet Set, Instant Beach & PK Prep Plumping Cream this summer and I’ve been playing with the line for six months or so.


The Body & Volume Jet Set has three favorites for fine and limp hair. Details per Philip Kingsley:

This 3 step regime adds body, volume and shine to fine, limp flyaway hair plus shine & de-tangling without adding weight.

Body Building shampoo & conditioner. For fine limp or flyaway hair. Adds body, volume and shine to fine, limp flyaway hair plus shine & de-tanling without adding weight. These products are approved for airline liquid carry-on.

Includes the following products:

  • Body Building Shampoo (75ml)
  • Body Building Conditioner (75ml)
  • Elasticizer (75ml)

The Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner are very nice. The shampoo isn’t too drying. Some voluminous shampoos can bee too drying. This one is not so bad and it delivers great volume. The conditioner is hydrating while remaining light. I like them both and would buy a large size. These are both nice products but I was most excited to try the Elasticizer.

The Elasticizer is an interesting product. It’s also their hero product. This is essentially a pre-shampoo treatment. You apply it before shampooing to get this intense repair and hydration. You then get to shampoo it all away for amazing bouncy body, elasticity and hydrating shine. The catch is this requires you wet your hair, apply this product, cover it with a shower cap or similar, then sit around for a while before taking a shower. The chances of this all happening for the average person before going to work is probably none. So that makes this a date night or special occasion product. I have rarely used it because of the prep work. When I do use it the results are amazing. Details per Philip Kingsley:

Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture into the hairs cuticle to help reduce breakage and restore the hair’s strength and stretchability, leading to less breakage and snapping.

The world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and our hero product. Healthy hair stretches when wet before returning to its original length when dry.

However hair in poor condition snaps and breaks when stretched. Intensely moisturising Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle; suppleness, elasticity and bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating the hair. Visible results from one application that improve with continued use. Fragrance free. Use once a week as a minimum for best results.


  • Before shampooing, dampen your hair with warm water and apply Elasticizer to mid lengths and ends, paying particular attention to dry broken areas
  • Work into your hair with fingertips, cover with plastic cap and leave for approx. 20 minutes
  • Work into your hair with fingertips
  • Rinse with water
  • Follow with appropriate Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Toner
  • PK Tip – For improved results on very dry or damaged hair, dampen hair slightly and leave on overnight
  • Elasticizer can also be left on for a couple of minutes when in the shower before washing and best results are obtained from using it 1-2 times a week
  • Please Note – Do NOT use Elasticizer for 2 days before and 2 days after chemical processing


The PK Prep Plumping Cream is a volumizing styling cream. This has a gel cream texture. It does add some shine to a degree and a hydrating aspect. Think of it as a gel cream compared to a full on hydrating cream. A full cream adds intense shine and moisture to the hair, this has a light finish like a gel cream is on the skin. I really like to apply this over the Instant Beach spray on the lower 2/3 of my hair. It works well with the spray to give volume, shine and waves. I like this compared to typical hair serums because it’s lighter. Details per Philip Kingsley:

The modern, weightless formula is the ideal alternative to a traditional, sticky volumising mousse. The luxurious cream helps to create thicker and fuller hair in an instant and without a trace of residue. Ideal for adding body to fine or limp hair, consider this your hair boost in a bottle.

  • Weightless formula delivers volume without weighing down the hair
  • Creates thicker and fuller hair, reviving fine, limp locks
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp, leaving hair healthy and beautiful
  • Leaves an invisible, protective layer around the hair to effectively control frizz and promote shine
  • Hair remains perfectly smooth and healthy at all times
  • Infused with the delicate fragrance of cherry blossom


  • Use after Perfecting Spray or alone
  • Apply evenly throughout mid-lengths and ends of towel dried hair and comb through thoroughly before blow drying
  • Option: apply Polishing Balm as a finishing touch

Active Ingredients

  • Wheat Protein – delivers exceptional volume without frizz and conditions from inside the cuticle
  • Multi-Vitamin Complex (With Vitamin B3, B6, C & E) – helps to keep hair healthy and beautiful

The Instant Beach has become an instant favorite of mine. This is a salt free spray that delivers. I love that this is hydrating & non-drying because it’s salt free. This really creates waves. Better than many other texture wave sprays. And I have tried quite a few. The waves created last all day with no extra frizz at the end of the day. Lots of salt sprays turn into frizz by the end of the day. This one does not. The waves stay put and last all day. It was literally love at first use & became a hero product. Details per Philip Kingsley:

This innovative, salt-free, conditioning formula nourishes and conditions hair whilst giving soft, natural looking texture and hold. Instant Beach texturizing spray features Elastin and Meadowfoam Oil to create soft, bouncy beach waves, without drying hair or causing breakage.

  • Creates effortless texturized waves, without the salt water damage
  • Gives volume and hold without dying the hair or causing breakage
  • Soft, touchable texture and does not leave hair knotty


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray evenly throughout wet or dry hair
  • Leave to dry naturally or diffuse
  • Scrunch into hair with fingers and twist sections to create more defined waves

Active Ingredients

  • Elastin and Meadowfoam Oil to nourish and condition the hair
  • Extract of Sunflower Seed to help protect against UV rays
  • Flexible styling polymer for touchable hold
  • Chlorine neutraliser to help prevent damage from chlorine

Instant Beach in action below.


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