Lip Liner Comparison: Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Kevyn Aucoin

I recently got a couple of new Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liners and thought I would compare the colors to my existing MAC ones. I don’t use lip liners all that often, but should use them more. I have some neutrals and reds.

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, MAC Spice, Kevyn Aucoin Bare, MAC Staunchly Stylish, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, MAC Boldly Bare

Then you can see after some manual makeup wipe removal the Charlotte Tilbury and MAC Pro Longwear are the longest lasting:

L to R MAC Kiss Me Quick, MAC Brick, MAC Cherry

The MAC regular pencils are more waxy and harder. The Charlotte Tilbury is creamy and glides nice, and is less waxy and hard. The MAC Pro Longwear does last the longest of all, is medium in hardness and a bit more waxy than the Charlotte Tilbury. The MAC Pro Longwears also seem to move around in the wood pencil some after being sharpened, they don’t fit the wood well, making them more wobbly. I’ve never noticed that until now. The Kevyn Aucoin is not quite as hard as MAC but close.

Color wise, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude is very neutral nude. MAC Spice, this is the original before they changed the color slightly, is a spiced deeper pink nude. Kevyn Aucoin Bare is a pink nude. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk is a lighter neutral pink. MAC Boldly Bare is a peachy nude with a slight pink tone. MAC Staunchly Stylish is a Pro Longwear and is a slightly pearlized pink nude. I have Maybelline clear in the first photo, I didn’t swatch it as it wouldn’t show up. It’s for lipgloss or a color you want a no lip liner look. MAC Kiss Me Quick is also a Pro Longwear and is a neutral red. MAC Cherry is a blue red. MAC Brick is a deeper warmer red.

I used to buy MAC as they were the cheapest and I hardly used them so it seemed fair. After trying the silky Charlotte Tilbury ones I might have to get the red one next and phase out my MAC ones. I have tried just lining my lips, as well as filling in my lips with the liners, then applying lipstick. The MAC regular liners and the Charlotte Tilbury liners seem to last about the same on the lips. However, the Charlotte Tilbury feels moister on and less dry, so that was a plus as it was more comfortable to wear as a full on fill in under lipstick. The MAC Pro Longwear is a bit thick and more uncomfortable to wear under lipstick.

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