Lipstick Queen You Kid Silver Screen Lipstick: Swatches & Review

I’ve always read about Lipstick Queen and how great they were. I once tried a Butterfly lipstick this year, it was very sheer and I loved the color, but it was kind of drying like MAC Lustre’s and I had to reapply it often, so I got rid of it. Since then I have not really been wanting to try any more Lipstick Queen shades. Until I saw the new Silver Screen range.

The Silver Screen range is a moisturizing luxury lipstick. According to her website: Discover Silver Screen, a dazzling and revolutionary new lipstick formulation inspired by the glamour of the silver screen. These wet-look, color-rich and ultra-moisturizing lipsticks feel like silk on the lips yet pack a full pigment-punch. The sumptuous, mouth-watering texture is achieved with a high percentage of a ground-breaking new active ingredient, Pomegranate Sterols. Enriched with this 100% natural ingredient, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and Vitamin A, Silver Screen’s delicious formulation ensures lips stay soft and hydrated all day long.

The lipstick is a creamy, glossy hydrating lipstick. Much like a pigmented balm yet a touch more lipstick like. The color is a non shimmery pink peach nude. It looks a touch pink in photos but it’s really more nude peach with pink. It has average lasting time for a lipstick in this category or moisturizing type. There is peppermint oil in the ingredients, and it has a slight cooling on first application. I’m not the biggest fan of mint in my beauty products, but this is minimal and not bad. It has no other real scent or taste. It is very moisturizing and is fairly pigmented. It’s a great nude glossy, slightly sheer, moisturizing lipstick. Is it worth the retail of $50? Probably not. The color is not unique enough for me to consider it a item I would re purchase.Now if she makes a shimmery nude pink color that I could be into. I need a formula I love plus a color I love to re buy an expensive lipstick like this. The formula is not bad, the color is nice but it’s just OK for me. I did get it for a discount of 20% off with my recent Ulta coupon. So that was a bonus.

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