Liquid Highlighters: Armani Fluid Sheer #7, #13 & Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow: Review & Swatches

These are my favorite liquid highlighters of all time. I like liquid highlighters to mix in with foundation for that sheer first layer, then I just add regular foundation over the areas I need it more. I tend to not use the liquid versions on top of foundation as it removes it some. I prefer cream or powder more concentrated highlighters for the actual cheek bone or other areas on top of foundation. Liquids give a diffuse all over radiance or glow.

Armani Fluid Sheers are one of the best for this purpose. They are 30 ml size glass bottles with pumps, the packaging is excellent. The retail is $62. Armani is one of the few designers who came out with a makeup line that is actually worth it. They are pricey but their stuff is well done. The Fluid Sheers range from sheer highlighters to more colored options which allow you to color correct some. You don’t use a lot at a time so the bottle does last a long time. They are all non greasy and suitable for all skin types.

Armani Fluid Sheer #7 is in the middle. This is a sheer pink/white base with pink pearl. The base is really clear after rubbed in it just looks milky when dispensed. The pink pearl is almost purple in some lights, but it’s more pink overall. The shimmer is not overwhelming at all, it just adds a luminosity, radiance and glow.

Armani Fluid Sheer #13, also called Radiant Pigment, is on the left. It was limited edition from spring last year. This is by far my favorite of the three. It has a white base with a hint of gold and mostly red pearl. The shimmer is subtle and again just adds that luminosity and glow. The red shimmer is the most apparent once rubbed in.  The pearl pigment in this one is more concentrated than in #7 so you will get more glow from it. The white base adds no color, it doesn’t lighten your complexion. I really wish this one was in the permanent line up, though recently on I saw the Armani Summer 2015 collection has a few fluid sheers in it, and #13 is listed, so I’m hoping it’s getting repromoted. If so, I will be getting a back up of this.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, on the right, I ordered not sure what I was going to get. I was thinking it would be way too shimmery for me. It actually ended up being the sheerest of the three above. It’s a clear base with golden champagne shimmer. The shimmer is very fine, it’s not glittery or frosty at all. It’s a 40 ml tube that retails for $55. This has a slight rose scent, nothing overpowering. This also gives a bit of hydration as well, but it’s not greasy at all. It can function like a hydrating primer. Per Charlotte’s website it’s supposed to have a breakthrough Florescent Core Light Diffuser that steals UV light from it’s surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity. It also has skin care benefits that Armani does not. It gives me a light glow, I like the idea of it doubling as a skin care item, and isn’t too much glow which is why I like it. I don’t mix this one in my foundation, I usually layer it like a primer under foundation, but you could mix it. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Top to Bottom: Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, Armani Fluid Sheer #7, Armani Fluid Sheer #13:

Blended in slightly:

This is more blended in:

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