L’Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipsticks: Eva’s Nude, J Lo’s Nude, Freida’s Nude Comparison

I’m not usually into drugstore as much as department store makeup anymore. I used to love L’Oreal collections though when I worked in a KMart a long time ago. They were my favorite lipsticks back then, I find them moisturizing, with no weird taste, for some reason I’m not a Revlon fan, I remember a weird taste. L’Oreal is by far my favorite pick from drugstore lipsticks. I usually don’t see a whole lot of new things come out by L’Oreal not like it used to when they used to give out little booklets on the seasonal look etc. Does anyone else remember those? I used to collect those like MAC postcards before MAC was really doing postcards, then L’Oreal quit doing them along with Maybelline and everybody else, Revlon’s were good too.

So L’Oreal came out with a nude collection for every skintone. I was drawn to Eva’s Nude and J Lo’s Nude at first. I added Frieda’s Nude second. J Lo’s Nude is like a greige I heard it described as. Ulta has descriptions for all the the colors as well as L’Oreal’s website. Ulta has one color with the wrong name on it listed as Cheryl which might be J Lo’s instead: “Subtly gray pink nuance that discreetly enhance the beauty of greige based complexions. For brunettes with fair complexions”. L’Oreal’s website has J Lo’s listed as being for medium olive skintones. It’s a sheer non shimmery pinky/nude/greyish color. It doesn’t wash me out as a medium to light NC25 range. Eva’s Nude is a deeper pinked nude with a pink to red shimmer. Ulta has it describes as: “A hint of gold to capture the radiance of matte skin for a sun-kissed look. For dark brunettes with golden based complexion”. I don’t see gold shimmer in it, maybe they mean warmer which it is compared to J Lo’s Nude. L’Oreal says Eva’s Nude is for light to medium skintones. Both are nice your lip but better colors. Frieda’s Nude is too cool for me I found out after buying. It’s kind of a greyed purple nude with slight shimmer. Ulta describes it as: “This refined lavender nuance is perfect for emphasising the delicacy of the amber complexion. For brunettes with amber complexions”. L’Oreal’s website has it listed best for honey skintones.

L to R: J Lo’s, Eva’s, Frieda’s Nude:

Overall for the price they are good nudes, I like Eva’s the best as it reminds me of MAC’s long discontinued Sharp Beige.

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