MAC Dazzleglass Rollergirl: Review & Swatches

MAC Dazzleglass is a thick, high shine lipgloss with larger glitter or shimmery particles. MAC describes it as “Lip colour that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips. Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystals. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence. Glides on with a non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing texture.” 

This retails for $20 for a 0.6 oz tube. I love the brush applicator and vanilla scent. I used to have a bunch of these and then got away from lipgloss for a while. I decided to try Rollergirl with MAC’s recent coupon. It’s described as a nude with pink pearl. That’s mostly accurate. It’s a cool sheer nude base and the pink pearl is not the only glitter, it’s got gold as well. Overall, it darkened and made my lips cooler and added some sparkle. Some of the other Dazzleglassses I’ve tried add more color than this does. MAC says it’s not sticky, tacky and is lightweight. I have to disagree with that, I find Dazzleglassses sticky, thick, glossy, and even slightly gritty in this shade. It is moisturizing. Whether or not Dazzleglass is for you depends what you like in a lipgloss. Rollergirl reminded me why I gave this kind of lipgloss up. There’s nothing wrong with it, just not my taste anymore. 


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