MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadows A Natural Flirt & Silver Dawn: Review & Swatches

The first MAC Extra Dimension products I tried were in last summer’s limited collection. I had tried the bronzer and one eyeshadow, Silver Sun. I’ve seen them come out in limited collections, go away and come back again. Now they are permanent, and I picked up a few to try. I grabbed A Natural Flirt and Silver Dawn. Per MAC’s website: “A hybrid shadow that’s smooth like a cream, blendable like a liquid and finishes like a powder.” Each retails for $20.

L to R: A Natural Flirt, Silver Dawn:

I was impressed with these, it feels they have made them smoother, less glittery and with more fluid and refined shimmer than before. These are that new thin eyeshadow texture that’s popular right now, similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Fallen Angel Palette, NARS Dual Intensity or to some other wet and dry eyeshadows. The texture is thin, the pigmentation is great, they apply and blend easy without being uneven. They don’t crease with a primer, they’re lightweight and comfortable. They are shimmery, but almost apply a touch less shimmery on the lid than in the pot or swatched. I wish there was a satin version of these, I would be all over that. I’m not sure if this texture can be made as a satin, or maybe it’s just not popular. Overall, great texture, love the formula. More shades please.

A Natural Flirt is described as an iridescent light pink. That’s pretty true, it’s quite a pretty shade, with complex shimmer and makes a good highlight.

Silver Dawn is described as a dirty grey mauve. I really don’t get the mauve in it, it’s more a shimmery dirty warm medium to dark grey.

Swatches: Top Silver Dawn, Bottom A Natural Flirt:


Compared with L to R: Surratt Idealiste, MAC A Natural Flirt, Shiseido BE213(below), Suqqu Kozuecha, MAC Silver Dawn, Cle de Peau #305 Satin Moon(below), Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel:

L to R: Surratt Idealiste(darker, peachier), MAC A Natural Flirt, Shiseido BE213 Middle Shade(darker), Suqqu Kozuecha Top Left Shade(most similar, slightly peachier):

L to R: Suqqu Kozuecha Top Right Shade(lighter, more brown), MAC Silver Dawn, Cle de Peau #305 Satin Moon Taupe Shade(lighter, more purple), Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Top Right(lighter, most similar texture):

L to R: Surratt Idealiste, Shiseido BE213 Middle, Suqqu Kozuecha Top Left, MAC A Natural Flirt, MAC Silver Dawn, Suqqu Kozuecha Top Right, Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Top Right, Cle de Peau Satin Moon Taupe Shade(2nd from Left):


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