MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow: Swatches

I have previously reviewed the MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Shadow here. I have gotten three new shades thanks to my Makeupalley Secret Santa. So this post will be to compare the new shades with the already reviewed shades. M536 Milk Tea is a matte milky light brown, it’s like coffee and milk. I634 Praline is a really pigmented shimmery dark bronze. It’s neutral to slightly warm. I550 is called Olive Gray on Sephora yet I don’t see that description matching well. It’s a very pigmented shimmery warm gray with a purple lean.

This is the first matte I have tried from MUFE. It’s silky, the gel powder blends well, it’s not buttery or the most pigmented matte, yet it’s not a dry, hard to blend or a low pigmented matte. The iridescents are most definitely the best pigmented in one swipe between the mattes, satins and iridescents. It took me about 6 swipes to get the matte to show in the swatches, 3 for the satins and 2 for the iridescents.

L to R: M536 Milk Tea, I634 Praline, I550 Olive Gray.

L to R: M536 Milk Tea, I634 Praline, I550 Olive Gray. S642 Sahara, S560 Taupe , S556 Taupe Gray.

L to R: S642, M536, S560, I634, S556, I550.

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