Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette: Review & Swatches

I have more highlighters than I know what to do with. Yet I can’t help myself and keep grabbing more. Makeup Revolution just put out this Ultra Pro Glow Palette with 8 shades of highlighter all for only $18. It’s listed as exclusive to Ulta on their site. Details per Ulta:

Highlighting fanatics! This one is for you! Eight amazing, luminous highlighting shades in one Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow highlighting palette. Find your perfect shade and layer or mix shades to create even more ways to glow! Smooth, creamy and finely milled powders to give you that glow from within look we all desire.

The texture is smooth, creamy and it glides on with ease. These are pigmented so some of the shades can appear frosty if you apply too much. None of the shades are glittery at all, just shimmery goodness and they’re finely milled. Great texture love it. I prefer using the Wayne Goss Air Brush to apply these shades. The Wayne Goss brush #2 is also pretty good for these. I prefer the Air Brush because it applies in the lightest way so you can layer without getting frosty too quickly.

The top left is a light beige champagne. Bottom left is a light golden cream. The top second from left is a light peach pink. Bottom second from left is an intense rose pink and my favorite of the palette. It has this amazing pink glow to it.

The top second from right is a medium golden beige. Top right is a medium rose gold. Bottom second from right is a medium beige. Bottom right is a warm bronze.

Overall, the shades are more warm toned. None are cool at all. Nor are any of the shades really unique, except for my favorite that rose pink. I love that shade. It adds a warm pink glow layered over blush and I then use a lighter highlight for more definition on the top of the cheekbone. The rest of the shades are all pigmented and a great formula, just nothing really unique color wise. If you own a ton of highlighters you probably already have these shades in your stash. If I could buy just the rose pink I would give this palette to my neices. That’s the only shade I find myself reaching for a lot.

Top to Bottom: Bottom far left, Top far left, Top second from left, Bottom second from left, Top second from right, Bottom second from right, Top far right, Bottom far right:

In the sunlight:

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