Mama Mio Lucky Legs: Review

Mama Mio is the pregnancy safe skincare line by Mio. I’ve always seen it in magazines, so I decided to try Lucky Legs during the last trimester of my pregnancy. That’s when all the swelling and water retention arrived for me. Plus, my legs and feet are just tired, sore and hot by the end of the day. While Mama Mio is geared for pregnant ladies, there seems to be a similar Workout Wonder version that’s for non-pregnant people.

Per Mama Mio’s website: “This cooling gel eases weary heavy legs in a flash. Packed with energizing oils and refreshing spearmint to revive tired legs and de-puff ‘tight’, swollen feet. A must for any mama-to-be, helps with water retention, instantly lightens puffy legs, increases micro-circulation to relieve that tight feeling.” The retail is $21 for a 100 ml pump.

The texture is a light cream gel that smells like mint. There’s no real tingle or irritation, just a slight cooling effect on application. It is slightly moisturizing, it didn’t dry out my legs. So that’s a bonus. It absorbs fairly quickly. I found one pump for each leg enough to do my knees to my toes.

So does it work? While I found it pleasant at first, I didn’t really find it long enough lasting to be really cooling nor really take down that puffiness any more than just elevating my feet. I also find the pump and gel formula annoying as, at a current 39 weeks, I can barely reach my legs and feet to apply the stuff, especially at the time when I need it most. A spray would be so much better from a practical point so I could use it more often, unless you’re an expert contortionist who can still reach your legs in late pregnancy.

Overall, I just didn’t feel this was strong or lasting enough, nor the best way to apply at this current time in my pregnancy. I applied it just fine weeks ago, but it still wasn’t really cooling or lasting enough for me. I would have preferred more mint or something in it to have a longer lasting effect. I would look for a different product next pregnancy. I will be testing out their Nipple Cream and potentially the Boob Tube next.

The active ingredients per Mama Mio’s website:

It also appears it’s been newly formulated with these added: New ingredients alert – Ginger Root, Tangerine Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract , Murumuru Seed Butter and Organic Coconut Oil all add to the anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits of Lucky Legs.

  • V-Tonic TM is an incredible blend of safe, essential plant oils with Lemon (zesty, fresh, stimulating) and Lavandin (soothing, refreshing, and mildly antiseptic).
  • Menthol is instantly refreshing and eases muscular discomfort.
  • Spearmint (Mentha Viridis) Leaf Oil Uplifting and refreshing but also useful through pregnancy as it helps reduce unwanted hairs with natural anti-androgenic properties. Vitamin C and beta carotenes present in spearmint act as antioxidants to keep skin strong.
  • Ginger Root Extract Invigorating, helps circulation, antioxidant.
  • Tangerine Oil Extract helps reduce swelling and water retention acting as a natural diuretic, calming and healing.
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract stimulates circulation, helping the oxygen to get to the cells quicker, reducing skin puffiness, pain and inflammation.
  • Murumuru (Astrocaryum) Seed Butter relieves muscular aches, deeply hydrating and helps repair the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Organic Coconut Oil reduces pain and swelling in tired feet and legs, a very deep penetrating moisturiser that has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and healing properties. Reduces discomfort and increases elasticity.
  • Chamomile Extract eases muscle pain and circulation discomfort.

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