NARS Audacious Lipstick Barbara: Swatches & Review

I had to try one of the new NARS lipsticks. Barbara is described as a tan rose and seemed up my alley. It’s a thick, creamy, pigmented color.

It has a nice magnetic case. The colors I tested were all matte, no shimmer. All creamy and heavily pigmented. My main gripe is it doesn’t last a long time. If I’m going to pick a heavy color I want it to last more than two hours. It fades in parts and stays on parts. It’s definitely not drying. And is moisturizing. I usually prefer sheerer lipsticks so the fade out isn’t so bad. That’s probably why this isn’t my favorite formula. I could see some liking it, some hating it. I would rather wear a matte to last longer if I was going to wear something with this level of coverage.

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