NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow: Telesto & Pasiphae: Review & Swatches

NARS just put out two new Dual Intensity eyeshadows with their Fall 2015 collection, Pasiphae and Telesto. I have owned two Dual Intensity shadows, and while I liked the texture the original release of shades was not really for me. These two are brown neutrals so of course they were more to my liking.

The formula is a thin, lightweight texture eyeshadow that can be used dry or wet for a more intense look. It’s smooth, blends and applies easily. I get no streakiness, it’s not hard or powdery. It’s a fabulous formula. It lasts well, I have no issues with it lasting 8-10 hours with a primer. I use them dry as that’s enough for me.

Pasiphae is described as a “shimmering peacock burgundy”. It’s really more of a medium brown base with shimmery green iridescence, which gives it a duo chrome effect. The level of green flash you get really depends on how it hits the light. It can look much more brown, or the green can really punch it up. This one has larger shimmering particles than Telesto, which is much more smooth. I would say this is similar to such colors like MAC Club, which I used to have but don’t anymore to compare. I remember MAC Club being more of a red based brown, this is more neutral based brown, which makes it better for me. It looks like it might be warmer based in the pan, but test it out, the base is more neutral and not really red. I use it dry, but I tested it wet, I still don’t get any burgundy, red or any teal that might be ‘peacock’. Just brown and green.

Telesto is described as a “brown with golden shimmer”. It’s more of a shimmery medium neutral brown. It doesn’t have gold shimmer, but it leans a bit yellow. By itself it looks neutral, compared to more red based browns it looks more yellow based, yet it’s not that real warm yellow base like some browns. It’s what I wanted Himalia to be. I thought it was going to be an average warm bronze brown, but it’s a touch lighter shade. It’s not really deep, more a lighter neutral bronze brown and it’s hard to find a shimmery medium brown that’s not that darker warm bronze shade nor a light tan. It’s quite nice and my favorite of the two.

Pasiphae does add a darker brown depth if you use it in the crease and outer corner with Telesto all over the lid. I love both, they were a good buy as the formula is so nice as well. They are a bit on the higher priced end at $29 for 1.5g.

L to R: Pasiphae, Telesto:



Top Pasiphae, Bottom Telesto:


Pasiphae turns more brown based in strong sunlight:

But it still has that reflective green sheen when tilted in light:

NARS Telesto compared with L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Bottom L Shade(warmer, more metallic), MAC Havana(cooler, more taupe), NARS Kalahari Duo L Shade(lighter, cooler), Surratt Haute Chocolate(deeper, warmer, less shimmery), Cle de Peau Satin Moon #305 Bronze Shade(less yellow, more red):

Top to Bottom: NARS Kalahari Duo Left Shade, Cle de Peau #305 Bronze Shade, Surratt Haute Chocolate, NARS Telesto, MAC Havana, Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Bottom Left Shade:

Same as above except with NARS Pasiphae on top:

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