Natasha Denona All Over Glow Face + Body Shimmer in Powder #01 Light: Review & Swatches

I saw this pop up in a Beautylish email and honestly I have bought so many highlighters lately I was going to skip it. I couldn’t help myself and went to Natasha Denona’s website and checked it out, then waited for Beautylish reviews and they looked great so I caved and ordered both the cream and powder in Light and the powder in Medium. Before Beautylish’s email I had never heard of Natasha Denona.

Left Light, Right Medium:

This post will only have swatches of Light as Medium was way too dark for me so it’s getting returned. I did get photos of them together and in comparison with other similar shades, just no swatches. You can see there’s quite a big difference between Light and Medium.

Per Beautylish: “The All Over Glow is a hydrating shimmer, in powder form, that gives a glowing and healthy texture to the skin. This product may be applied to both face and body, and is ideal for creating that perfect Hollywood look. It has long last performance and ensures that the skin is left with a gentle shimmer and glowing finish for hours. For best results, Natasha recommends applying the All Over Glow over her Face Glow Cream Shimmer.” The retail is $38 for 10g. This comes in a shiny metallic rose gold plastic case with a magnetic closure. It reminds me very much of Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging. It’s lightweight, yet it does get fingerprints all over it quite easily. I imagine those who hate Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging because they think it’s cheap will feel the same about this, and those who hate fingerprints on packaging won’t like it either. I care more about the inside product so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Compared to L to R: Chanel Dentelle Precieuse, Natasha Denona Light, Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow:

Swatches Top to Bottom: Chanel Dentelle Precieuse, Natasha Denona Light, Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Glow:


Blended In:

Light is a champagne shimmer. It’s got hints of gold and a very slight peach tint. The peach keeps it from being too yellow gold. It feels like a beige champagne more than gold or yellow. It’s finely milled and gives a subtle glow. It’s not powdery or dry and it applies smoothly. Chanel’s Dentelle Precieuse is darker and more bronze. They have similar shimmer. Charlotte Tilbury’s Dreamy Glow Highlighter is darker and more peachy pink. Natasha’s is the most gold and lightest of the bunch, but if you compared it to standard light gold champagne highlighters it would be more beige.

On the skin this gives a subtle glow, it enhances without overpowering. It’s not a very light highlighter so depending on how you like your highlighters very fair skintones may find it too dark. I thought it was perfect for my light medium NC 25 skintone. Not too light nor too dark. It was like glowy, yet highlighted natural skin. It’s shimmery but not glittery. It’s definitely not frosty.

This was very hard to capture well in photos. I think the metallic inside of the packaging messed with how the camera adjusts itself, because of the reflection, and it made all the pictures dark except for the outside ones.

#01 Light Inside:

#01 Light Outside:

#01 Light Sunlight:

#01 Light Swatches: Top Blended in, Bottom Heavy:

Compared with L to R: Chanel Dentelle Precieuse, Natasha Denona Medium, Tom Ford Moodlight Bottom Shade:

So without swatching Medium I can just compare how it looks. Chanel’s Dentelle Precieuse is lighter, warmer, peachier and pinker. Tom Ford’s Moodlight is also lighter and warmer. Natasha’s Medium is cool looking and looks pretty dark. It looks like it has a touch of gold in it in the sunlight. Without swatching I can’t say how much it sheers out or how much the gold appears and whether or not it stays this cool on the skin. Sorry, it wasn’t worth eating the $38 just to swatch it, besides Light was perfect for me anyway. Chanel and Tom Ford’s are on the dark end for what I like for a highlighter so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use this one, though I really really wanted to swatch it to see. I would love to hear from anyone who bought Medium about how dark it is or not once applied.

#02 Medium Outside:

#02 Medium Brighter Light:

I did also buy the Light Face Glow Cream Shimmer as well. I actually like it more than the powder. I’ll review that coming up. It’s a bit more peachy pink than this powder. Together they do make a nice subtle glowy natural skin effect. I like this powder being more beige than gold, a lot of champagne highlighters tend to be more gold or yellow, as the beiges are usually too dark for my tastes. This was a nice mix of all of them.

I’m adding a comparison swatch of the cream versus powder in shade Light. This top photo is inside, and while it’s not great, you can see the powder on top is lighter, while the cream has a more rosy hue. The powder is more intense, the cream is sheerer. The powder looks lighter from being more intense, the cream is sheerer and the rosy hue makes it appear a tad darker and more natural of a highlight on my skin. They are very similar when applied sheerly(not heavily swatched), it’s really subtle differences and what formula you prefer better for your skin type. 



  1. I got the light recently and it seems spotty / choppy / chunky in the pan. White dots or clumps. It doesn't brush off with any side effects, just wondering if yours seemed similar super-up close? Otherwise I'm gonna exchange and try again! Cuz it's purty!

  2. Some powders have a certain amount of talc in them and they can get a hard layer or spotty hard surface layer from the oils on your brush. The oils mix with the talc and make the hard layer. Wash your brush often and you can always scrape the hard layer off. But the one you exchange it for will end up doing the same thing most likely from the higher level of talc.

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