Natasha Denona Blackest Black Mascarade Mascara: Review

I love Natasha Denona eyeshadows and was excited to see a mascara come out. This review is long overdue as I finished this Blackest Black Mascarade mascara some time ago. This post just got buried in my draft box. Details per Beautylish:

Cloak your lashes in the richest, creamiest, blackest pigments you’ve ever seen with makeup artist Natasha Denona’s first-ever mascara. The state-of-the-art formula delivers intense length, volume, and drama with a sleek, comfortable feel in a single stroke.

Experience a dramatic false lash effect in one coat thanks to Natasha’s blend of volumizing waxes. The creamy, buildable formula thickens, lengthens, curls, and defines lashes without a clumpy look. The reverse-cone brush coats every lash with ultra-pure pigments that stay bold all day with no smudging or flaking.

I got mine from Sephora, I know it didn’t have good reviews on there and it looks like they’ve stopped carrying it. It’s still on Beautylish and retails for $24. The brush to this is quite unique. It’s wide on the outer portion of the wand. Most mascaras make the inner part of the wand the wide part.

It’s a very voluminous style brush which I like, plus it’s not a new rubber style applicator. I prefer this old style of applicator for my mascaras. I’m just not a fan of those new rubber style wands. The wand shape took some time to get used to. At first I was constantly getting mascara all over my eyes and having to fix my mistakes. This was not a mascara to use in a hurry. Once I got used to the shape of the mascara wand it was fine I could use it in a quicker fashion without mistakes.

This is a very black formula. Not the blackest I’ve used, but it’s pretty pigmented. It’s voluminous and not clumpy or spidery. It doesn’t flake either. This formula actually got better towards the end of the tube once it was almost gone. I enjoyed it more those last few weeks versus the first few. The inner portion of the wand tended to get very coated with product and I had to remove excess mascara before applying. This needed to happen every single time I used it. If you didn’t remove this excess you ended up with clumpy spidery lashes.

This mascara was high maintenance. It required time and precision when applying, you can’t rush through it. You had to remember to remove the excess first and then how to hold the wand right to not get it all over your eye. If you had the time and remembered the ins and outs of how to use this mascara, the formula is actually quite nice. It’s voluminous and I liked the formula. The brush wand needs some revamping to be easier to use. I think whether or not you like this mascara will depend on if you like the wand shape. It wasn’t my favorite wand shape and it was too much effort overall to get it perfect to be a staple for me.

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