Neiman Marcus Recent Beauty Event

Neiman Marcus had their recent beauty event gift bag. Over the years I feel it’s gone downhill and isn’t worth it anymore, but I was in the mall and hadn’t been in a Neiman’s in two years so I felt compelled to get it. Something about that in person purchase. The bag and it’s contents are below, I won’t get into what they are.

I did get the new Guerlain bronzer since it looked more natural and less orange than the last one I got. ┬áThe brunette natural number 3 was the one I got, it’s the darkest. The two blonde ones were more pink, the two brunettes were more tan but not orange. These are definitely lighter than their usual bronzes so I have a feeling they’ll be popular. I’ve been wanting to try Armani Brow Maestro for a while now and got Copal. I need a brush though so I haven’t tested it yet. I did also check out the new Chanel Rouge Cocos which was disappointing for me. I’ll get to why soon in a post. I did get Julia though. I had actually already ordered Louise and Adrienne online and they were on their way.

It was nice to get to go around and test things out at a mall versus guess online. I spent some time today shooting these as test photos to see where my new best lighting and photo spot will be, hopefully if it’s not raining as bad tomorrow and I get some sunlight I can do some photos of new stuff. Everything was just a bit too dark today.

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