New Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Swatches & Review: Louise, Adrienne, Julia

Chanel recently reformulated their Rouge Coco lipsticks. I stuck in the nudes category as that’s my favorite, plus none of the other shades appealed to me. I actually bought the first three shades in the nude range.

I loved the old formula so I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like the idea of a reformulation. I did find the old Rouge Coco to be very similar in texture to the Rouge Allure Luminous, maybe just a touch moister. So I can see why they reformulated to try to differentiate them more. The new formula is moister, it feels thinner in texture yet is more pigmented. It’s not drying at all, it applies evenly and overall seems like a great formula and an improvement. It can go on sheer or be built up to a medium coverage. My main gripe is with the shades. They’re either all too dark or bright, a majority were warm as well. There was not a good selection of your lip but better colors or nudes.

L to R: Louise 400, Adrienne 402, Julia 404.

Louise is a light neutral nude, it’s not cool or warm, too light or too dark. It’s a true nude, no pink or peach. It doesn’t wash me out and allows a touch of my natural lip color to peak through. It has some very fine shimmer in it. It still looks mostly like a cream on the lips, the shimmer adds to the luminosity of it. This is a good light nude, it’s not like those light concealer make me look dead nudes. This is one of the best nudes I’ve come across in a while for my tastes, which is sheerer, doesn’t make me look dead and a formula I like.

Adrienne is creamy pink peach nude. It has a very faint touch of micro fine shimmer in it, but it’s not noticeable at all on the lips. It’s still a pretty light color, it adds a bit of creamy pinky peach nude to my lips but it doesn’t really darken them. If you like lighter creamy pink nudes then this is your color. Adrienne is more pigmented in one swipe than Louise, it allows a bit less of my natural color to peak through.

Julia is a darker nude brown with a hint of pink. It has that same fine shimmer that Louise does, but again it look mostly like a luminous cream on the lips. It’s darker than my natural lip color and it’s my favorite of the three shades. It’s a touch browner than I normally like. In some lights it looks more brown, and in some more pink shows up.

L to R: Louise, Adrienne, Julia.

My all time favorite three old Rouge Cocos are Stunning, Avant Garde and Plumetis. They are all forms of nude pinks that are your lip but better shades. I thought the older shades were more pigmented, but once I swatched them I could see they were sheerer. They are thicker texture wise, but less pigmented. Stunning, Avant Garde and Plumetis are all a bit more plum or rosewood looking than the current nudes. The three old shades all have more shimmer than the new three shades I bought, though none are frosty by any means, it’s subtle shimmer.

L to R: Louise, Adrienne, Julia, Stunning, Avant Garde and Plumetis.

My hope is that Chanel adds to this range and we get some great limited edition nudes similar to some of the older colors. The formula really was an improvement, one I can see many will like, they just need more shades.

Here is some comparisons with other shades I own that are similar. L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate, Chanel Louise, Rouge Bunny Rouge Nothing Unknown.

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Confession, Chanel Julia, Rouge Bunny Rouge Unrestricted.

L to R: Lipstick Queen You Kid, Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect, Chanel Adrienne, Rouge Bunny Rouge Irreverence, MUFE Artist Natural N3.

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