New Surratt Brushes & General New Stuff

Today it is about 10 degrees today here in Montana, I have just picked up my two new Surratt brushes. The cheek brush and large flat shader eye brush. I’m waiting for the face brush with a future shipment. I have just washed all my cheek brushes, and will get to reviewing them over the next week.

This is just to show how I dry my brushes. This was the best technique I have ever learned. Hang them upside down with elastics on a bar. I used to lay my brushes flat to dry. The idea is that you want to not allow the water to sit on the ferrule or metal part of the brush which eats at the glue that holds the brush together. Drying the brushes upside down allows the water to go away from the ferrule. This will make your brushes last longer. I wash my brushes with baby shampoo or baby wash.

I am currently also waiting for the new Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel eyeshadow quad, lipstick and gloss as well as three matte revolution lipsticks to be delivered from Selfridges. Maybe by this weekend I’ll have it up, depends when it comes to me. I also got a few new Zelens color items today, the foundation and concealer. I’ll test it for a few days and get back to you.


  1. Thanks for this great tip for drying brushes. I've never seen it before! I am really liking your blog as I use many of the same products as you and it's very helpful to read your thoughts.

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