October Le Metier de Beaute VIP Subscription Box

The October Le Metier de Beaute VIP Subscription Box is a collaboration with Christina Vega. It’s all about the eyes! Read more about the specifics of the Le Metier de Beaute Subscription Box in the Bookmarks tab at the top of the page.

This months comes with-

Fan Brush is designed for applying and blending brow powders, gels, and cremes with utmost control. Ideal for filling in sparse, over-plucked areas and framing the shape of the brows like an expert.

Tweezers Featuring a custom slant tip on one end and a brow comb on the other, use these tweezers to remove even the shortest of unwanted hairs and tame brows without hassle. The tips of these slant tweezers are precisely calibrated to allow each individual hair to be removed on the first try, every time!

Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo works on the moisture barrier of the skin to seal in one-way hydration to energize and brighten eyes. The translucent patches deliver moisture discretely and effectively.

The fan brush comes in the cutest faux leather zipper pouch. It has a short handle an is made in Japan which is a bonus. You all know how much I love Japanese brushes.  This has a stiffer white hair that without knowing exactly what hair it is, feels like natural hair and not synthetic. It works well for powder and creams. I haven’t tried it with liquids or waxes. You can get long diffuse lines or brush upward in short strokes.

The eye mask I have not tried yet, though I’m sure it’s refreshing. I like the instant hydration of patch style eye masks yet hate their over priced nature.

Lastly there’s a set of tweezers. They also come in the same cute faux leather pouch. I thought the idea of a comb on the end was cute. Than I tried it. These are the worst tweezers I’ve ever used. It’s very stiff and not very flexible. The metal spring that allows that quick plucking action is very very stiff. I’ve been spoiled by the Tweezerman slanted tweezers (though still cheaper than these which retail for $30). If you take the clear band off of these tweezers they spring right open and stay that way. It takes a lot of effort to close these.

They are also not the best quality. The ends are not filed down sharp & they don’t meet precisely. The tips are off–like they weren’t even checked to see if they matched. So one end is shorter than the other by a hair. This allows for them to also not be very good at plucking. If you buy Tweezerman you can get them sharpened for life, these you cannot. It just feels like these were so cheap and not the quality I would expect for Le Metier de Beaute. I could not recommend these tweezers. The quality just isn’t there and they don’t work well at all.

Now I’m ready for Novembers box. Did you get this month? What did you think about the tweezers?

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