Olfactif October Subscription Box

Olfactif is a monthly subscription box for $18/month. You get three 2.25mL spray fragrance samples based on the monthly theme. The fragrances are niche, or not mainstream fragrances. Niche fragrance has been my love as once you start into that genre it’s nice to get out of the mainstream fragrances that seem to smell really similar. Read more about it on my subscription box information page.

It comes in a black slide out box every month:

This months theme is A Change in the Air. The samples are Ginger Ciao by Yosh, Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors, and Aperture by Ulrich Lane New York. This months box was not really for me, I wasn’t a fan of the scents.

I’m not a big “nose” in fragrances, I can’t distinguish between one scent ingredient really closely and another. I have come to learn and understand more about fragrances in the last 2 years however. There are the top notes which is what you smell right after spraying, the middle notes which is what you smell after it dries down, and the base notes which is the smell after it fades for a few hours, it’s the lingering scent. I had no idea fragrances were so complex until I started getting into it. Now, you don’t have to get into fragrances far enough to be able to distinguish separate notes or ingredients, but you can begin to understand what you like in a fragrance or don’t like, and this will help you purchase future fragrances without making as many mistakes. Learn what fragrances families you like, or dislike. When you buy or test a fragrance, see what family it’s in, look at the top, middle and base notes and start to pay attention to what you like or don’t like. After a while you’ll notice you like certain families but not others, you like certain notes but not others, it will help you pick out better choices in the future.

Check out Fragrantica’s website, it has tons of information about scents, families, notes and what’s in current fragrances you like or don’t like.

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