Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel vs OSKIA Renaissance Mask

Omorovicza recently put out a new Blue Diamond Collection. I have all three items, but will talk about this mask first. As soon as I tried it this reminded me of my favorite mask the OSKIA Renaissance mask. I have already reviewed the OSKIA here.

Omorovicza has a very similar texture, it’s an exfoliating balm style mask and when you rub it on your face it turns white. You then leave it on and wash it off with water, no cloth needed. The OSKIA says leave on 10-15 minutes, Omorovicza says to leave theirs on for 2-3 minutes while massaging in. The texture of both is unique, it’s a balm/gel that turns white when you rub it in. Both are an exfoliating mask with a lactic acid base. I love them both as they exfoliate without overdrying or being too harsh. They never dry on your face and keep some moisture. I find them to be a great middle mask, not too much, not too little.

From the Omorovicza website: This opalescent peel is simultaneously lightening, brightening and firming. Lactobionic and lactic acids together with powerful AHAs, refine complexion and encourage cell renewal. Kerotolytic  enzymes brighten tone and copper gluconate purifies the skin and regulates the production of sebum to avoid shine. You can check it out here. The main ingredients are: lactobionic acid, olive oil, lactic acid, mango pulp extract, Yellow Mombin pulp extract, banana pulp extract, copper gluconate, shea butter, Hungarian thermal water ferment extract, Hungarian thermal water, castor oil phospholipids, acetyl pentapeptide and diamond.

L is the Omorovicza, R the OSKIA. You can see the mica shimmer in the Omorovicza. The Omorovicza is a slightly shimmery light blue, the OSKIA a light peachy pink.

The Omorovicza retail is much higher than the OSKIA at $195 for 50 mL vs OSKIA at about $64 for 50 mL. I do notice the Omorovicza feels stronger on my face than the OSKIA, but this is very slight. Omorovicza has a few extra nicer ingredients, but overall the effect is about the same. For the price I would still go with the OSKIA, though I appreciate the quickness of the Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel.

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