Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Cream & Complexion Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer

Omorovicza is a luxury skincare brand from Hungary that uses the natural Hungarian thermal pool water and minerals. Omorovicza makes a BB(Beauty Balm) cream and a tinted moisturizer(TM) which is their only color products at this time. The first out was the TM Complexion Enhancer pictured on the right. It comes in one shade. Next they made their BB Complexion Perfector which comes in two shades. I have the medium shade which is on the left.

The Complexion Perfector BB is thick and covers the best of both formulas. The best part is it’s silicone free so it doesn’t trap dirt and bacteria under the formula. I find most BB creams to be too thick and they end up breaking me out. This one is nice as it covers and doesn’t break me out. It also has all the skincare benefits of Omorovicza. It has an SPF of 20 from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The medium shade is perfect for my skintone(NC 25-27). It has ruby crystal for a light diffusing effect, the thermal water and minerals, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C. It’s nice to have an easy one step product for when you’re in a hurry.

The TM looks really dark in the bottle and in swatches. I will say is sheers out a lot and almost gets a touch lighter when you rub it onto your skin. It’s sheerer than the BB cream. It has a touch more ruby crystal for the blurring effect. It has SPF 15 from zinc oxide. It has the thermal minerals, apple pectin and shea butter for moisture. I like this one for a day at home, gives you a bit of coverage plus skincare benefits. It’s perfect for my skintone but I could see it going lighter and darker as well.

The top shade is the TM, the bottom shade the BB in Medium:

Top is the TM, bottom BB in Medium, right below that is the TM rubbed in with 2 layers to show you how it sheers out and isn’t as scary dark as it looks in the pump. I would not recommend it for a fair or really light skintone, though it could add a bit of a tan glow for those skintones, but I think it’s more versatile than it looks as it is so sheer. Sometimes I use 3 layers to build it up as one is never enough.

I love both, but if I had to have one it would be the TM Complexion Enhancer. For the uses of an easy weekend look I like it. The BB cream can be a touch thick sometimes and it takes longer to absorb. They are pricey at over $100, the bottles are 50mL nice glass bottles and last a fairly long time. They have a nice scent, it’s almost rose like but real rose not fake perfume rose or overpowering.

Omorovicza’s site has a rewards program where you earn points for joining, signing in the the newsletter, posting reviews and buying products. So you can earn points to buy future products. If you decide to check them out and order use this link.


  1. I recently picked up the Complexion Perfector BB (your review was super helpful in deciding between the two – I went with a bit more coverage and higher SPF ultimately). How do you typically apply it? I hate applying product with my fingers (which is probably the best way for this) so I tried a few brushes (round-top, buffing, etc.) but they leave a slightly streaky application that I don't get with my foundations. Properly blended, the finish is light and lovely but wondering if there is a better/faster way to apply… Thank you!

  2. Hi. I find using my fingers is the best way to apply this one. You might be able to use a BeautyBlender to get a streak free finish. Definitely use multiple lighter layers versus heavier ones.

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