Omorovicza Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream Review

I discovered Omorovicza, a Hungarian very pricey luxury skincare line, last year. I didn’t want to try any of it originally because of the price. Omorovicza uses great ingredients, and leaves out the bad stuff. I started with the Thermal Cleansing Balm, have now tried almost everything they make. I must admit my skin loves Omorovicza. I highly recommend them, and starting with a smaller set like the Hero or Introductory Kit is a great way to try several products and see if they work for you.

The Intensive Hydralifting Cream is one of my favorite creams they make, I use it at night. Per Omorovicza’s website: “A rich, yet easily absorbed, anti-aging moisturiser formulated for every day use, this Intensive Hydralifting Cream delivers instant lifting, visible plumping and prolonged, sustained firming.” The Key Benefits are:

  • Plump and resurface lines and wrinkles while providing lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid; encapsulated and micro-injected.
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by tightening the skin’s surface with vegetal polysaccharide.
  • Remodel the surface of the skin with an amino-acid dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline.
  • Redensify and plump the skin with Arabian myrrh.
  • Strengthen the skin’s immune system with bifida ferment.
  • Brighten tone while providing an anti-oxidant defense against free radials with vitamin C.
  • Leave skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking as Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivers minerals deep into the skin.

The main ingredients are: Hungarian thermal water, squalane, coconut triglyceride, olive oil derivavtive, methylsilanol mannuronate(seaweed derivative), glycerin, shea butter, beeswax, Hungarian thermal water ferment extract, dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline(DPHP-amino acid & fatty acid molecule for anti aging), vitamin C, sucrose palmitate(sugar fatty acid), plum seed extract, apricot kernel oil, glyceryl linoleate(fatty acid), vitamin E derivative, sodium hyaluronate, rose flower oil, vitamin E, commiphora mukul resin extract(Arabian myrrh), phospholipids, bifida ferment lysate(probiotic).

This is a pricey cream retailing for $225 for a 1.7 oz glass jar. The texture is a thinner cream that’s not greasy or heavy at all. It’s rich, yet absorbs quickly. This is the lightest cream they make. Next would be the Rejuvenating Night Cream, then the Blue Diamond Super Cream and the most heavy is the Gold Rescue Cream. This could be used for day for dry skin or possibly normal skin if you live in a drier climate. When I lived in Montana I could use this in the day if I wanted to. Here in Texas it’s almost becoming too much for me at this time of year with the humidity even for just night use. It has a very faint scent, nothing big. All of their stuff has a very pleasant faint light scent that’s a bit fruity, a bit floral and a bit earthy. By earthy I just mean natural, not that deep musty scent you can get from some more natural products that use a bunch of essential oils.

I love this cream. It’s the perfect amount of moisture for a night cream, absorbs quickly and gives results with great ingredients. With consistent use I notice my fine lines on my forehead do get better, when I stop using it to test something else they come back a little. My skin also feels plumper, more youthful and has a better texture when I use this consistently. I much prefer this to Creme de la Mer which I used for years, this doesn’t break me out like la Mer can, and it gives visible results which I never got from la Mer besides moisture.

My only complaint is while the glass jar is nice and luxurious, opening it daily and exposing it to air has the potential to degrade the ingredients over time. As well as putting your fingers into the jar every day can introduce bacteria and degrade the jar as well. This is why I use a clean scoop to fill a smaller 5ml plastic sample jar with the cream, then I only use the small jar to put my fingers into and open daily. I only have to open the big one once a month. This also takes less space in my cabinet. With a pricey cream in a jar I tend to do this. A glass pump would be awesome on this, or even a squeeze tube. Though they do feel or look as luxurious, they protect the integrity of the ingredients better.

If you shop on Omorovicza’s website they give you Pengo Points which is their reward system. You can save them and buy products in the future with your points balance. They do have occasional deals like double points, or coupons. You also get points for reviewing products and signing up with an account.


  1. Hello Dear (sorry I still don't know your name?) but I've come across your blog almost every time I google and search for skin care products! I have read many of your posts and liked them a lot; very informative, thank you. And Thank you again for not stopping your posts and reviews even though I've never seen a comment on any post! (which is absurd!). I only wish that you mention and compare other products you love and are similar to the ones mentioned/reviewed. I'm currently torn between 2 expensive brands! Both look promising and I would love to ask for your opinion as you tried both if you don't mind.. I'm in my late 20s and have sensitive dehydrated skin that is sometimes combo (in the summer only) and gets extremely dry when irritated – and vice versa. I would like something hydrating and firming and was looking at Omorovicza (which I really like ingredient wise but never tried) and Zelens which have good reviews and results (I had only tried the Z-22 oil and thought it had good results but was too heavy). From your experience which do you recommend and prefer over the other and which products to get? Omoro gold lift eye cream or Zelens triple action eye cream (my eyes gets irritated from most eye creams and I have fine lines due to dryness and puffiness; using La Mer eye balm currently but it's not hydrating enough)? Omoro gold lift serum or Zelens Youth Concentrate? Gold drops or Vitamin A?

    Sorry for they very long inquiry but after searching and reading for weeeks I could only trust your opinion as you tried both and have similar problems: sensitivity and redness, I also have pigmentation issues.

    I love your posts and blog and appreciate your efforts especially that you include swatches of the products so that we get an idea of the texture and heaviness of the product.

    You are extremely helpful and sincere I can tell that you are doing it as a passion and you really love it, and not just doing it for other reasons like most beauty bloggers whom I can't really trust since they rave about everything!

    Thanks again and I hope that you read my comment.

    P.S. I wish you would update your fav products and opinions about previous favs; maybe compare some similar products so people like me would know which is better in your opinion? will make our decisions much easier. I'm one of those people who always read but never comment so sorry for the very long comment.

  2. Hi, it's Michelle. OK where to start. I love both Omorovicza and Zelens and I've tried almost all they offer at this point. So you picked two I know well. I think no one brand makes everything better than another, I like both equally, as I like certain products from each line for certain reasons. So I think you need to pick products from each line that work for you.

    I like both the gold eye cream and the triple action eye cream, for totally different reasons. Gold is heavy-great for night. Anti-aging. It's actually in my list to review I'm almost done with my bottle. Triple action is lighter, more silicone based and good for day. So depends what you're looking for I like both and can't pick one over the other. Gold is more hydrating than La Mer. Zelens is prob less hydrating.

    Zelens Youth Concentrate hands down.

    Gold drops over Vitamin A. I'm using Vit A right now, close to a review too on that one. The Vit A is kind of just OK for me, it's an oil based texture so it's heavier. I liked the gold drops better. I still like Youth Concentrate better than both of them.

    So I hope this comes across OK, but in your late 20s I don't think you need retinol products. When I was 30 I was only using La Mer lotion and wipes to clean my face(not the best response but honest). I would recommend moisture, sunscreen, antioxidants and a good cleansing routine. You don't need much more than that at your age. A peptide serum or something like that would be good too. Retinols are drying and if you already have sensitive dehydrated skin it may be throwing flame on the fire. I didn't start using retinols until last year I was 37. And honestly they don't make that much of a difference to be screaming from the clouds that they're the best anti-aging product ever. I notice more results when I'm rested and hydrated (which never happens for me anymore), and retinols don't cure that for me. I think 35+ maybe for retinols, under 35 if you have acne because it does help with that.

    On eyes creams try Renee Rouleau Total Repair Eye Cream, it's cheaper than Omorovicza and just as hydrating. OSEA Eyes and Lips is also really hydrating and good at non greasy moisture. There are heavier greasier creams but those two are more cream like. Omorovicza gold is good though, honestly Charlotte Tilbury's night eye cream is prob one of the most hydrating ones I've tried. Odd but true. Get a sample.

    Retinol is irritating and drying, so I would go towards well done hydrating products with less irritating ingredients. I prefer Vit C lighteners more than retinol. I've been testing some retinols and going through them, but honestly I could go without. Since I started using retinol every night my skin is more dry. And when combined with AHA it gets worse. I'm close to finishing what I have and considering going back to just Vit C/AHA for aging and pigmentation. If I had to pick one-Youth Concentrate, Gold drops was less effective, both were equally non irritating.

    Sorry if I rambled its late. Thank you for reading and let me know if you have more questions. I so would love to update my fav products, I've honestly been working on a Hero page that would get updated, in my head at this point. I took photos but haven't been able to get it up yet. I went from having all day to write a post last year to an hour after baby goes to bed since June. It does affect how much I get to put in versus the beginning. I did link my wishlist and staple pages recently with the hopes I would keep updating the staples Pinterest page. I did delete things I no longer use from there, I just haven't added new stuff yet. I've been at home with sick baby last two days and gotten more done than I have in weeks, so you never know I have till Sunday 🙂

  3. LOL I hope you and the baby get well very soon. And THAT WAS VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU!!! I couldn't find 1 review that compares the two brands with each other or with Sisley for that matter (I was looking at their moisturizers at first because I have used one before and liked it).

    I'm going with your recommendations with most if not all products THANKS A LOT for the very thorough response I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    Regarding to retinol; I have acne prone skin and I WILL NO MATTER WHAT get 1 or 2 pimples once a month and my skin tends to scar so wether I treat it, leave it, or touch it; it will for sure leave a scar if I don't use liquid gold. I also have rough texture maybe due to my sensitivity not sure, But I'm very prone to pigmentation issues, always have been. I also have a full face; I don't know how to describe it other than that my cheeks are more like baby's cheeks (full face). My skin is the opposite of firm and I'm very worried that it will drop! I do want a firmer face and retinol is like a short cut for all. Vitamin A, I now only have the prescription one and use it once every few weeks because I can't tolerate prescribed retinols it dries me out and burns my skin and irritate like hell. But once every few weeks is fine so far just drying. I don't mind stopping it if I find the serums really beneficial.

    Vitamin C, is something that I tried few times but couldn't get along with, it oxidizes on my face very quickly even if stay inside the house. It is also STICKY and I noticed a slight improvement while using it, but nothing major. For some reason, every time I use something with Vit C as main ingredient I get a bit tanned? Like after few mins or hrs I can see my face is darker and more tanned/orange.This is why I'm hesitant to buy a Vit C serum/oil.

    My fav product for most issues is LIQUID GOLD, I love that because somehow it doesn't irritate my skin and a bit calming for my redness, just like EVELOM rescue mask! That mask amazed me because unlike other clay masks I've tried, this one does not dry or irritate my skin at all and is actually calming and maybe hydrating too? I find that when I want to get rid of the redness I will use it and find a much calmer skin afterwards. I'm now intrigued by the Omorovicza's mud masks as the reviews states that its non drying.

    My currently using liquid gold; sometimes Kypris Moonlight, both 2 or 3 times a week, so mostly when needed. MV organics rose booster and jojoba oil (I find that the rose one helps a lot when I use it under my eyes before my eyecream, it is very light and hydrating). I still have 1/4 bottle of Zelens oil so I use that sometimes for extra hydration. I was also using Zelens acid pads few times a week when needed but ran out recently. And my skin is doing well with these products and I don't get congested and the once a month pimples are much smaller and goes away faster. But I still have some tiny spots that red or brown and I would love to have an even tone and even texture to my skin.

    I don't use any acids or vitamins or any strong serum/treatment everyday even if it says for daily use! If I feel that its potent and working I would use it every other day or few times a week (learned this the hard way). So if I buy 2 serums I will alternate between them most probably. I will also be buying omorovicza's rejuvenating night cream which I intend to use when I'm not using liquid gold. I go with how my skin feels and use products accordingly.

    You have pretty good skin (from what I could see from your photo). I'm prone to disasters lol so I have to take good care because going basic makes my skin more oily in the T zone, dry cheeks, large pores, more pimples, blackheads, white heads, so everything just goes south. What I found that really helped my skin is oil mostly then Alpha H liquid gold then acid toners every now and then. Oils balanced my skin like nothing else and helped with congestions.

  4. For eye creams I do prefer creamy ones more as they moisturise more than gels most of the times. But also because better be safe than sorry, most gels don't work for me. However, I know there are exceptions. I don't mind Zelens if its hydrating enough but if your saying La Mer's eye balm is more hydrating then its not for me because La Mer's is not hydrating enough. I never thought of trying Charlotte Tilbury's creams because in my mind I would only buy them as primers for makeup and I don't really use primers. I also love more natural ingredients and prefer to stay away from silicons, dimethicones and stuff unless there is only 1 or 2 of them and the product is really that good.

    I don't know anything about the Renee or Osea brands but will look into them thanks for recommending them. I did see them in your blog posts and some other places but did not really look into the brands and ingredients.

    I'm addicted to skin care and have a problem when buying new stuff because I just want to buy them all lol, I have a feeling you're the same.

    I do love Sunday Riley's Artemis even though I only used 1 bottle but would love to repurchase. It was the most beneficial, I noticed a lot of changes in balancing my skin, hydration, and pigmentation; my skin was so smooth (I prefer it on good genes as I think Artemis is better). It is thick but light, it doesn't leave me oily nor shiny and can be used all year round and sometimes without moisturiser; just don't follow the directions and use less than recommended. I don't know why but with oils the recommended amount of drops is always way too more than necessary and leaves me way too oily.

    I'm also very intrigued by the oxygen booster! I originally wanted to get the Omorossence as La Mer's treatment lotion which I'm dying to try, is always sold out and I liked the idea of the Omorossence but after looking at the oxygen booster I'm feeling like they both do the same thing and I haven't decided yet which one to get.

    Now on my to buy list I have the products you mentioned and few others like Odacite's concentrates the eye one and the hydrating one. I also had Vintner's Daughter serum on my wish list for a long time but its pricey and don't really know when to use it. But one day I will buy it and I think I will use it in place of a serum.

    I tried to go with Caroline Hiron method; to get good serums and oils and basic moisturisers. But basic ones are not hydrating enough and not calming my occasional redness, and I was very tempted by the omoro creams. But I might just skip omoro's illumating cream/gold rescue and get Aesop Camellia nuit cream or January Labs moisturiser, both new to me (I'm very indecisive).

    Im trying hard not to break a bank here and not to buy them all at once.

    Have a lovely weekend and hope you feel better soon. Sorry for the lengthy response – Too long tha it has to be 2 parts.

    Thanks a lot Michelle, you are a very kind person.

  5. I just wanted to add, if you haven't tried Alpha-H cleansers then you should. I love the balancing (cream) and the triple action (more like runny gel) cleansers. They seemed average to me at first but when I ran out I missed them lol. They are calming and gentle and non drying and good for all year round.
    I also tried many mists including omoro and didn't repurchase any. The only one I repurchase when I can is Jurlique lavendar mist! If you have a store nearby that carries Jurlique then you must go and spray all of their mists on your face (they have several) until you find you favourite one. I don't know if it does anything to my skin but its very refreshing and always feel cold to me even though I keep it where the rest of my skincare products are.

    Hope that was a bit helpful to you as you were very helpful to me.

  6. Try Zelens Z Luminous, OSKIA Brightlight and Zelens Z Intense Defense. Z Luminous and OKSIA are non retinol brighteners that work. Intense Defense is a nice alternative to Vit C serums for antioxidants.

    I wish I could tolerate Liquid Gold but the alcohol in it kills me, irritates the hell out of my skin and dried it out/makes it red. The Biologique Reserche P50 I just got and is what I wished Liquid Gold was. It's string but not as irritating as Liquid Gold for me.

    Never tried the Eve Lom mask, I'm not huge into mud masks. I do love Omorovicza Deep Cleansing mask as it's not drying, the Moor Mud the new one is drying though.Oddly Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Mask is not bad either, non drying mud mask. I've been wanting to try Kypris Moonlight forever,I have too many things I need to use up first, then one day.

    I love using a AHA toner/serum everyday, it does make a difference in my skintone, texture and eveness. But I use the Vit C in the day/antioxidant for protection mostly, I split up the AHA use the toner in the day, serum at night. I've never had them irritate my skin or be too much, except the ones with high salicylic acid(Renee Rouleau BHA) and Liquid Gold which killed me(alcohol content). Try The Ordinary 2% retinol, not bad. You can customize how much you want to add I like that idea/concept and it's cheap.

    I did go through a terrible hormonal acne at 31ish lasted 2 years. That's a whole other story.

  7. Zelens has silicone, but works as a primer. It's moisturizing enough for day, I prefer more for night. Odd I know but the Charlotte Tilbury eye cream was so moisturizing with retinol it wasn't bad and it's not primer like at all, very much just like eye cream. It's easy to get a sample of that one. That and her goddess mask are the only two I like I don't like the cream.

    I like oil on my cheeks only, it's too much in my t zone. Except the Zelens Power D thats a light oil that's OK over my whole face at night, love it.

    The oxygen booster/omoressence are different. Ones very toner like, the other oxygen serum. I prefer the Booster and it just won the Beauty Shortlist.

    Odacite's Ba +S eye oil is fab to add extra moisture. Vinters Daughter is on my list one day.

    I went nuts several years ago and bought skincare I could use, I have to calm myself and take it slow. K Beauty is also good. The Blither Pressed Serum Tundra is fabulous. You might think of stopping Liquid Gold, which probably sounds like I slapped you in the face lol but the alcohol content in it is so high it may be causing some of your irritation/redness/dryness. You would have to try without it for a few weeks like a month to be sure.

    I'll run and hide now that I suggested that.

  8. I have tried a bunch of Alpha-H, I like some of their stuff, some I don't. I love their cleansing oil it's amazing. And a few other things. I've tried their gold cleanser and the balancing one. I'm just more addicted to the oil based cleansers. And I just got a new fab one from Renee Rouleau. Mists are OK, not necessary, only luxury.

  9. I'm a bit wary of K-beauty. I don't know what they put in their products and how they make them. I don't know about their ethics and stuff. I love European brands mostly because I know how they are regarding skincare products and quality; like even if I don't know how they make their products, I have an idea how European feel about quality and ethics and have more general knowledge about them. Just like I know how U.S. is regarding skincare; they always love strong and potent products as well as fast results. And I know because when I buy U.S. based skincare and everyone says its good and sometimes its supposed to be good for sensitive skin too, it ends up irritating my skin and being too strong for my skin. I think European brands are gentler.
    I don't know how to explain how I feel about K-beauty but I hope that you have a clue of what I mean.

  10. I don't think I commented on the Kypris Moonlight. I like it but I don't think that it's very effective? It works but it's gentle and needs time. I'm not sure but I know that liquid gold is much better for example. So I think that some of the things you are using are much better. You should get a sample and try it first. Its good but I don't think I will be repurchasing which is why I'm looking at omoro gold drops and zelens Vit A. It did made me fall in love with Kyrpis though, and I wanted to get the 1001 roses elixir but I was recommended to get Odacite instead. The 1001 roses will stay on my wishlist though.

    Hope that was helpful.

  11. I was afraid of K beauty too. I like them better than Japanese because less alcohol. But I only get the K beauty brands that are more westernized. Like ones you get on Sephora and glowrecipe

  12. I did use it and still am. I felt a difference and liked it at first but now that I don't use it every night, I don't feel like its strong enough. It works very gently and its like a watery gel texture. I can't use it every night because I think your not supposed to use it with other exfoliating products and I always use strong products at night and don't wanna risk trying to layer it with other products. I also like to alternate night treatments. It will however be good to maintain your current skin with it (this is how I use it). Because liquid gold gives me more results so I use Moonlight in between to maintain because its very gentle. I do sometimes go for a week or 5 days without using liquid gold just because I don't feel like it so I use this instead. I also feel weird layering stuff on top of it because of the texture it could be a little sticky? I should use it tonight just so I can be sure about that LOL. But I do know that I hate layering and using a moisturiser on top; so I stick with oils on top.

    I'll let you know about the stickiness, I'll pay more attention next time I use it. But I did love it a lot at first when I started using it regularly (I tend to get lazy and use the stuff based on what I feel like using today lol).

  13. I did pay great attention this time to the Moonlight Serum. It is NOT sticky if you keep massaging it in until its absorbed which happens fairly quickly. But the runny gel has a bit of an oily feel to it so when I put it on my hand then on my face I cant feel that it has a sticky feel because of the oil gel texture. It is mostly a watery gel but if you pay attention its a bit sticky or oily I don't know how to describe it but it sits on your skin until you massage it in.

    I hope that helpful. You can see how marvelous I am at explaining stuff lol.

  14. I know its eating you up until you finally try it. I feel that way about some products too.
    I do think you will enjoy it though. I will try to use mine up now so that I can replace it with something else. This obsession is really costly.
    I'm curious about the Kypris glow mask if you've seen it.

    I would love to be one of those people who sticks to using the same products for years! I could never understand them.

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