Omorovicza Mineral Touch Concealer Beige: Review & Swatches

I absolutely adore Omorovicza’s products. They are pricey yes, but everything I use from them works well for me. My skin loves Omorovicza. I love them because they use great ingredients, and leave out the bad ones. I saw they recently came out with this Mineral Touch Concealer and I jumped on trying it. I’ve been using it everyday for about a month or so now.

Per Omorovicza’s website: “The Mineral Touch combines a creamy texture and long-lasting coverage for a picture-perfect finish. This concealer brings the final touch to daily skincare and aims to treat the skin; vitamins C and E correct skin tone and boost collagen production.” The retail is $65 for a 7.5g tube which makes it around the price range of Cle de Peau. There are two shades Ivory and Beige. I went with Beige, the darkest shade, as I have a medium skin tone around a MAC NC 25-27. The main skincare benefits come from vitamin C & E, and it’s silicone free like all Omorovicza’s stuff.

The formula is moist, glides on and blends easily, yet dries down matte to set. The coverage is medium to light depending how much is applied. It can be sheered out or built up for more coverage. I currently use and love the concealers Cle de Peau in Almond and Surratt #5 so I will compare Omorovicza to those.

L to R: Surratt #5, Cle de Peau Almond, Omorovicza Beige:

Size wise Surratt is the smallest with 1.9g of product for $50, Cle de Peau is 5g for $70, and then Omorovicza with 7.5g for $65. I actually find that surprising as when I roll up the Cle de Peau and Omorovicza, the Cle de Peau has a larger diameter and is similar in length so it looks like it would have the most product of the three. The weight of the Mineral Touch must make it have a larger gram weight, but they look very comparable in product size or amount to me.

Surratt has the creamiest and most moist texture, followed by the Cle de Peau with Omorovicza being the most matte texture. Cle de Peau has the most coverage, followed by Omorovicza and Surratt being the lightest in coverage. I like Surratt to cover blemishes as it’s moist so it doesn’t have that dried blemish look you can get with heavier formulas. I do occasionally use it under my eyes, but I have good dark circles and sometimes it’s just not enough. I usually carry it with me for touch ups as it’s so small and portable. I prefer the Cle de Peau and Omorovicza for under my eyes as they both have enough coverage. The Omorovicza didn’t crease for me, even without powder, under my eyes. I only noticed creasing on my eye lid if I used it for a quick trip out without primer. If I use too much Cle de Peau, even when set with powder, it can crease. 

The Surratt and Cle de Peau are more yellow and deeper toned. Omorovicza Beige is more similar in color to Cle de Peau’s Beige, which I don’t own anymore to swatch. I was afraid after I swiped the Omorovicza that it would be too light on me and give me that dreaded raccoon look I’m not fond of, but it actually blended in well enough and almost adapted a little to my coloring. Oddly, it works for me. It’s still the lightest of the three on me, but not as light as Cle de Peau Beige was. It does brighten some beyond the other two because of the lightness, plus it doesn’t have that full opacity which allows it to look more natural than Cle de Peau Beige does on me. Alone it works well to brighten and cover, making it my quick use one step concealer. Cle de Peau and Surratt I use on top of Shiseido’s Sheer Eye Zone Corrector, which I use to brighten like YSL Touche Eclat. So those two are more a two step process.

For me the Surratt, being the darkest of the three, makes it good for blemishes, where Cle de Peau Almond is the perfect yellow under eye concealer. I really love the formula of the Omorovicza, I just wish it came in a bit darker more yellow based shade. If you’re darker than a NC 30 this will be too light for you, unless you like a really light concealer look. Anyone in that NC 25-30 range it will probably be personal preference for what you like. NC 20-25 or a touch lighter this should be good for you. That’s really my only complaint about it, to get a darker shade. Check it out here.

Top to Bottom: Omorovicza Beige, Cle de Peau Almond, Surratt #5:


  1. Cle de Peau of the two. I actually have been preferring the Surratt to both because it's less drying. Though yes Omorovicza is always going to have the best safety ingredient ratings because they really pay attention that that.

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